What Happens When a Person Has an Epiphany?

The entire industry of puzzle gaming is held up on the joy of problem-solving and the endorphin rush that is felt when a player suddenly figures it out. Science knows very little about that brief moment when we all just get it and in a new study, researchers have attempted to gain some insight by watching people have epiphanies. Read More >>

Universities to Offer Two-Year Degrees That Still Cost the Same

The government's educational people have had an idea about how to make the prospect of university more appealing to some -- getting it all over and done quicker. Universities will soon be allowed to offer full degree courses that can be completed in just two years instead of the usual three, letting the youth get out of education and into low-paid service jobs for overseas tech unicorns that use nothing they've just learned even quicker. Read More >>

Shoes Make Kids Stupid

A school in Derbyshire has been testing a new learning system on its kids, but it's not iPads, drugs, whiteboards or the reintroduction of corporal punishment -- it's slippers. Read More >>

Nightmare Machine Builds Scary Pics to Assist Clown Horror Epidemic

Scientists teaching computers pointless party tricks have struck again, this time using the infinite power of deep-learning computers to... make funny pictures for the internet. Brain the size of a planet and it's lumbered with making viral content for idiots. Read More >>

New Study Could Be the Death Knell of Brain-Training Games

Brain-training programs like the ones offered by Luminosity and LearningRx claim to boost intelligence and even offset the effects of ageing. A re-evaluation of the existing scientific literature on the matter shows these claims are complete bullshit. Read More >>

10-Year-Old Wins PhD Fellowship to Help Make Friendly Robot

A 10-year-old French girl called Eva has melted the hearts of the tech establishment, after asking a learning scheme for assistance in making a robot that could walk the streets of Paris and make people happy. Read More >>

No, Scientists Have Not Created a Matrix-Like Interface That Instantly Uploads Data to Your Brain

Remember that mind-blowing scene in The Matrix when Neo had jiu-jitsu and kung fu uploaded directly into his brain? Researchers from HRL Laboratories are now saying they’ve developed a similar device that “teaches” pilots new skills. Too bad it’s bullshit. Read More >>

Here Are Eric Schmidt’s Three Laws of AI

Google (or probably we should start saying Alphabet by now) boss Eric Schmidt has written an opinion column for Time magazine giving us his thoughts on AI, including some wider, sci-fi-like concepts on what he thinks the overall ambition of computer intelligence should be. Read More >>

Have You Got the Five Basic Digital Skills?

A digital skills charity has warned that more than 12 million people in the UK and 1 million business have fallen down the learning gap, missing out on the potential benefits of doing nothing on the internet all day. Read More >>

Google Buys the Brains of Top Oxford University AI Boffins

Google's recently acquired DeepMind artificial learning project has expanded, with the search giant bringing seven Oxford Uni academics and AI startup managers into the team. Read More >>

Learn the A to Z of Space Travel With NASA’s Orion Spacecraft

Space is endlessly fascinating, but it can be difficult to know how to begin explaining its infinite vastness, especially to little ones. Enter the Orion A to Z—a colourful guide to space exploration put together by NASA. Read More >>

Computers are Now Able to Teach Each Other Pac-Man

Until now, humans have had one significant advantage over computers and robots: We were the only ones who could teach the machines how to function. Now, researchers at Washington State University have created computers that can teach other computers. And they're using Pac-Man to do it. Read More >>

Brain-Buzzing Thinking Cap Can Make You Smarter or Dumber

People have been working on the concept of an electronic cap to supercharge your brain's learning ability for a while. But the one you see here, devised by a Vanderbilt team, has a funny (and potentially very abusable) trick: flip a switch, and it makes you more prone to mistakes and confusion. Read More >>

Good GCSE Results? Thank Your Parents, as it Might all be Genetic

Soon, a DNA test might be able to tell you whether it's worth revising for exams or not, as new research suggests that genetic factors are much more important than schoolwork or home life when it comes to determining future exam successes. Read More >>

Google Helpouts is Here to Help You With Basically Anything

Have you ever been working on something, a special project or something outside the realm of normal day-to-day work stuff, and you find yourself totally stuck? As in, you have absolutely no idea what to do next? Google wants to help. Read More >>