climate change
LED Bulbs Are Making A Noticeable Difference To UK Energy Use

Sometimes it can feel like climate change is a huge and unstoppable force that we can't do anything about, so it's always reassuring to hear that our efforts can and do make a difference. Read More >>

Blue-Tinged LED Street Lights Linked With Higher Cancer Rates

Researchers have linked the modern form of LED street lighting to higher rates of breast and prostate cancer, in a grim development that could have repercussions for everything we look at in today's backlit world. Read More >>

World-Changing Light Bulb Comes With Two USB Sockets

That large source of electricity just dangling there in the middle of the room? Wouldn't it be great if you could somehow harness it, like the sun, and use its energy to make your phone stay on for longer so there's something to do? Well now you can. Or soon you can. Or maybe you can. Read More >>

Sony’s New LED Bulb is Also a Bluetooth Speaker

As David Bowie well knows, sound and vision are a wonderful pairing. Now, Sony is following in his footsteps: its latest LED bulb is also a Bluetooth speaker. Read More >>

LA’s Street Lighting Will Be Controlled by a Philips Wireless Network

The Californian city of Los Angeles recently converted 140,000 of its street lights to energy-efficient LEDs, making it the largest such upgrade in the world. Now a new partnership with lighting giant Philips will allow the LA's Bureau of Street Lighting to wirelessly manage all those street lamps, similar to the way its Hue system allows you to control the mood lighting in your home. Read More >>

High Tech: The Science and Gadgets That are Reinventing Weed

Due to the law of averages and a relatively small set of variables, there is a very high chance that somewhere on the globe there is someone vaporising butane-extracted weed concentrate in a portable vape stick, made from plants that were grown under LED lights, all of which they purchased from the Deep Web. That person is the most up-to-date cannabis consumer out there. Read More >>

The Surprisingly American History of Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are a historic tradition, but did you know the first electric Christmas lights appeared in America? The tradition itself embodies a certain American-ness, an ingenuity and hunger for innovation that's easily overlooked. Plus the whole process of going way over the top that we've come to recognise as a uniquely American activity. Read More >>

Toshiba Turns Floppy Factory into Sterile Lettuce Lab

Tech giant Toshiba is making inroads into the salad industry, using abandoned facilities to farm indoors under artificial lighting. Which means farmers in hairnets and zero chance of finding a slug in your sandwich. Read More >>

giz explains
Why is OLED Different and What Makes it So Great?

I have seen the future of high definition displays and lo, it is glorious. Not to mention rollable, foldable, and clearly superior to the LCD or LED or really every other panel technology available today. Read More >>

Inventors of the Blue LED Inside Nearly Every Device You Own Win the Nobel

There's pretty good chance you have a piece of this year's physics Nobel prize-winning invention in your pocket. The blue light-emitting diode (LED) is found in the screens of millions of phones as well as our bright, new energy-efficient LED lightbulbs. Today, the Nobel Prize in physics was awarded to the three scientists who made this revolutionary discovery. Read More >>

New LEDs Promise to Make Your Smartphone Screen 400 Per Cent Clearer

The most advanced LED screens look amazing compared to what was on the market even a couple of years ago. But a Princeton engineer found a cheap new way of making LEDs not only brighter and more efficient, but also five times as clear. It even makes them last longer. Read More >>

LG Joins RotW in Ditching Plasma Display Tech

The president of LG's home entertainment division has revealed it's looking into "suspending" its plasma display business, as the world continues to look to LED and its many variants for its screen needs. Both Samsung and Panasonic have binned their plasma lines recently, so it's time to fill the spare room up with a few plasma models if you're a fan of the format's output. [Korea Times via Engadget] Read More >>