Channel 4 Staff Would Rather Quit Than Move to Leeds

Channel 4's long-planned move out of London could leave the broadcaster struggling to find anyone to answer the telephones or do the social media scheduling up there in its new Leeds office, as as many as 90 per cent of its current staff are planning to take redundancy rather than face a new life in the new offices away from the capital. Read More >>

Leeds is Getting a Dolby Cinema of its Own

As usual, the first one went to London, but lovely Leeds is next in line for the futuristic Dolby Cinema. Read More >>

It’ll Soon Be Free To Wee At Three Major Train Stations

Network Rail has announced that the toilets at Liverpool Lime Street, Manchester Piccadilly and Leeds train stations will be free to use from the 17th of December. Read More >>

Leeds Wants a Mile-Long Park on a Viaduct

The city of Leeds has got its eye on one of those floating urban walkways that New York has, with a local group suggesting that the disused, mile-long Holbeck Viaduct would be substantially lovelier than it is now were it to be turned from an abandoned relic into a lovely floating park. Read More >>

Side of a Factory Nearly Ready to Welcome Brave Climbers

This terrifying image is not the latest Instagram effort of some random thrillseekers -- it's a safe and officially recognised external climbing wall that's been stuck on the side of a grain silo in Leeds, and you can climb up it if you have well controlled bowels and those special strong fingers. Read More >>

This is What Leeds Wankers Search For on Pornhub

Thanks in part to the exploits of Billy Bremner back in the 60s, Leeds already has a dirty reputation. Pornhub’s latest report does the city no favours, instead highlighting Loiners’ penchant for Yorkshire-based hardcore action. There’s a strong Pakistani theme too, with ‘Bradford Pakistani’, ‘British Pakistani’ and ‘Pakistani teen’ all making the cut. Read More >>

Pornhub and Gizmodo UK Present a Complete Guide to UK Porn Habits

Pornhub’s done some terrific work regarding porn stats of late, breaking down the browsing habits of wankers all over the world. Being major smut guzzlers ourselves, we at Giz UK wanted a piece of the x-rated action, and have worked alongside the porn giant to bring you the complete guide to UK porn habits. Read More >>

Five Northern Cities Push for £15bn Infrastructure Upgrade

The cities of Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield are hoping to encourage the chancellor to approve £15bn of upgrades for the north of the country, enhancing local rail links so the area can better compete with the London money machine down south. Read More >>

Historic Town Maypole Chopped Down in Tour de France Route Safety Shambles

A 50-year-old maypole in the town of Otley got the chop recently, as part of a dread health and safety review prior to the Tour de France hammering past next week. Read More >>

Pay for Parking With Conkers in Manchester and Leeds

The Merrion Centre and Clarence Dock car parks in Leeds, and 30 Tariff Street in Manchester, are good places to park if you're up there at the moment, thanks to attendants currently on hand to accept payment in conkers. One conker = 20p is the current exchange rate this week. Read More >>

Leeds Bad Boys Given Nine Month Suspended Sentences for Usenet Copyright Crimes

A couple of men from Leeds are the latest victims of the UK's ongoing crackdown on copyright infringement, with the pair given nine-month sentences for running illegal TV and movie streaming sites. Read More >>

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A Gorgeous Look at How Books Are Made

Sure, high speed printers can spew out the WSJ's full daily circulation in five hours but where's the soul in that? Where's the craftsmanship? To see the magic of traditional book-making in action, check out Birth of a Book. Read More >>