‘Tis the Season To Start Building All These New Lego Ornaments

Halloween is now nothing but a bowl full of empty sweets wrappers and smashed pumpkins, which means it’s time to switch gears and start prepping for Christmas by building Chris McVeigh’s latest collection of Lego ornaments. Read More >>

You Can Finally Buy the X-Files Minifigs That Lego Won’t Make

Now that the X-Files is officially returning, Lego fans have decided that Minifig versions of Scully and Mulder are must-have additions to their collections. Lego has tried to suppress that truth, though, so has stepped up to create tiny versions of the FBI’s best paranormal investigators. Read More >>

Got Half a Million Lego Bricks? Build Yourself a Life-Size Batmobile

You know that giant tub of Lego bricks in your basement you think is really impressive? Take a look at the vast collection of bricks that Lego artist Nathan Sawaya has to work with. He not only designs his own Batmobile models, he’s actually able to build them large enough to drive. Read More >>

Life-Size Lego Mugs Let You Sip Coffee Like a Minifig

Your Minifigs have been drinking coffee and tea from these Lego mugs for decades now, but have you ever wondered what it’s like to sip from them using those giant handles? Now’s your chance to find out. Read More >>

Fisherman Spent 3 Years Building Massive 24-Foot Long Lego USS Missouri

Jim McDonough is truly a master at his craft. He likes Lego, boats and naval history. And when these passions combine, magic is made. McDonough’s epically huge, ridiculously well-detailed Lego navy boats are the stuff of legend. Read More >>

120,000-Piece Lego Erebor Is Twice the Size Of a Hobbit

Michał Kaźmierczak is the Lego super-builder responsible for the massive gates of Erebor build from The Hobbit. Well, he’s now added an insanely-large Lego interior to the build. And it’s incredibly cool. Read More >>

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Jurassic World Is Even Better Retold With Lego in 90 Seconds

If you haven’t had a chance to see the biggest movie of the summer yet, take the next 90 seconds and watch this wonderful retelling of Jurassic World instead. It covers all of the movie’s major plot points, but with animated Lego so it’s especially delightful. Read More >>

The Art of Lego Scale Modeling Will Make You Wish You Were a Better Builder

The beauty of Lego is that anyone, be they a toddler or retired, can use the toy to build whatever they can imagine. However, there are some Lego fans who are a lot better at turning a pile of plastic bricks into a masterpiece, and some of their most amazing creations have been collected into a new book from No Starch Press. Read More >>

Are These the First Official Images of the Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens Sets?

Twitter feed Star Wars Forever has somehow managed to dig up what appears to be official box shots for seven of the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens Lego sets that will presumably be available ahead of the film’s release in December. Read More >>

Lego Should Make This Custom Fan-Made Groot An Official Minifig

The Guardians of the Galaxy superheroes all seem destined for Lego fame, and I gotta say minifig artist, MikMikEternity totally outdid himself with his fully-sculpted custom Groot minifig. Read More >>

Behold This Massive 10,000-brick Lego Technic Star Wars ‘Sandcrawler’

Lego superfans Jarren Harkema and Calvin Hartley studied Star Wars: Episode IV religiously, and spent hundreds of hours planning, designing and creating a Lego Technic replica of the Sandcrawler. It’s an impressive 3-foot long, 12.7-kilo, 10,000-brick behemoth. Read More >>

Lego Dimensions’ Ghostbusters Packs Will Include Stay Puft and Slimer

If you don’t have a recent generation console that can play the upcoming Lego Dimensions game, today you finally have a good reason to upgrade now that these Ghostbusters expansion packs have been revealed. Because no Lego collection is complete without a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Minifig. Read More >>

A Fun Peek at How the Worlds in Lego Dimensions Got All Mixed Up

Playing as Back to the Future’s Marty McFly while he battles Batman, or controlling Superman while he goes up against The Lord of the Ring’s Gandalf sounds pretty awesome. But how all those worlds and characters got so mixed up in Lego Dimensions is partly revealed in the game’s latest trailer. Read More >>

Gillian Anderson REALLY Wants Lego to Make an Official X-Files Set

On July 24th, goddess of beauty and science, Gillian Anderson (AKA Scully on The X-Files) announced on Twitter that “it’s time to start an X-Files Lego campaign.” I want to believe this will happen. Since this is 2015, Anderson took her campaign to Twitter to rally the troops. Read More >>

This Working 18-Wheel Lego Mobile Crane Is a Straight-Up Masterpiece

It’s time to update that Wonders of the World list to include this impossibly-perfect Lego creation by Dawid Szmandra. It’s a 1:23.5 scale version of the Liebherr LTM 1750-9.1 mobile crane that’s fully drivable and fully functional thanks to 11 Lego motors hidden away inside. Read More >>