Comedian Changes His Name to Hugo Boss to Troll Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss has been throwing its weight around, issuing Cease & Desist orders to small companies and charities who dare to use the completely cromulent word 'boss,' and comedian Joe Lycett is not having it. Read More >>

Man Sues Parents for Binning Huge Porn Collection

A 40-year-old US man is taking his parents to court, after discovering that they threw away his treasured pornography collection during a house move. Read More >>

Cannabis Should be Legalised and Only Sold Online to Kill Off the Dealers

A think-tank, or just some men having ideas on a chain email, has come up with an idea that could make cannabis legalisation more palatable to the UK -- selling it online. But only online, so it comes neatly in packages through the letterbox and there's no more worry about getting mugged at knifepoint for your phone by a dealer in the Iceland car park. Read More >>

Australia Sues Apple For Bricking iPhones Repaired by Third Parties

Apple forbids consumers from taking their iPhones to third parties for repair, and sometimes even bricks phones as punishment. But Australia has said that’s not cool and is suing the tech behemoth. Or, to put it in Australian, “yeah nah mate, garn git fucked.” Read More >>

star wars
Star Wars Producers Fined £1.6 Million for Crushing Harrison Ford’s Leg

As a film series, Star Wars will likely outlive of us all, but the saga of Han Solo’s broken leg finally concluded this week when the production company behind The Force Awakens was fined £1.6 million for violating workplace safety rules. Read More >>

FBI Says Russia Hacked the Democrats to Influence the US Election

The US Intelligence Community is confident the Russian government was behind recent hacks against the Democratic National Committee that compromised thousands of emails from top DNC members. Read More >>

CEO of America’s Second-Largest Classifieds Site Arrested on Pimping Charges

Carl Ferrer, the CEO of classifieds site, has been arrested on felony human trafficking charges that include pimping, pimping of a minor and conspiracy to commit pimping, authorities announced on Thursday. Read More >>

This is the ‘Rape Joke’ That’s Rocking Apple

On Wednesday, Mic published an extensive report on leaked internal emails from Apple employees that discussed the “sexist, toxic work environment” at the company. The anchor of the story, and the incident that apparently sparked an internal email thread among 12 employees, was an account by “Danielle” (a pseudonym), who started a recent workday with what Mic says was “her male coworkers publicly joking about rape”. Read More >>

Intel Lawyers Tell John McAfee He Can’t Call His Company ‘John McAfee’

Sometimes, all a man has in this world is his name, but according to Intel, antivirus pioneer and living cautionary tale John McAfee doesn’t even have that. Read More >>

Co-Founder Hits Hyperloop One With Explosive Lawsuit Alleging Assault, Defamation

Hyperloop One, the much-ballyhooed company formed with the goal of bringing the futuristic Hyperloop to fruition, has been hit by a whopper of a lawsuit from none other than co-founder and chief technology officer Brogan BamBrogan. Read More >>

A Major Law Firm Will Soon Be Using A Robotic Lawyer

An “artificial-intelligence attorney” created using technology from IBM’s Watson has snagged its first customer, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be appearing in the courtroom anytime soon. Read More >>

Pirate Admits to Illegally Distributing £11.6 Million of Android Apps

In 2012, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) clamped down on Android app piracy and now convictions are being made — along with the announcement of some incredible figures. Read More >>

Amazon is Taking More Fake Reviewers to Court

Amazon takes its reviews seriously. That much is clear from the multiple lawsuits the company has already filed against websites offering fake Amazon reviews. The latest round of legal action just reinforces that you probably shouldn’t mess with Amazon’s reviews system. Read More >>

The European Commission Has Issued Google With Antitrust Charges

Google has received formal antitrust charges from the European Commission today, which claim the company has “abused its dominant position by imposing restrictions on Android device manufacturers and mobile network operators”. Read More >>

Bloomberg: Apple-FBI Scrap Started When iOS 8 Was Shared With the FBI

The current scrap between Apple and the FBI feels timely and relevant to most of us. But as a new Bloomberg feature explains, it’s been brewing for at least 18 months. Read More >>