The Best and Worst Television Moments of 2018

Every year we think there couldn’t be any more television, and again we are surprised. Before we reveal our best and worst shows of the year (those’ll come in a separate list), we want to take some time to honour the unique moments that made TV great, interesting, or baffling—and sometimes a bit unpleasant. Get ready for our best and worst TV moments of 2018. Read More >>

Legion is a Great Reminder of Just How Awful Charles Xavier Was

Though Professor Charles Xavier is a gifted telepath and an excellent educator, he’s also a rather terrible father and all-around menace to teenaged mutants. That last bit never factored too much into Fox’s live-action X-Men franchise, but it’s something that FX’s Legion is very carefully trying to remind us. Read More >>

Legion’s Psychic Interpretive Dance Battles Are One of Its Most Brilliant Ideas

Interpretive dance, much like slam poetry, is a polarising art form that people either passionately love or vehemently hate. If you’re someone who falls into the latter camp, then Legion might actually be what convinces you to change your mind. Dance has been a core part of Legion since the very first episode, but it really wasn’t until this week’s season two premiere that the whimsical sequences’ significance really came into focus. Read More >>

The Man Who Played Legion’s Devil With the Yellow Eyes Lived Every Nerd’s Dream

Quinton Boisclair basically has the dream origin story: he was working in a comic book store when someone making a comic book TV show realised he had the perfect body shape for being a creature. And not only did he get the job, he got to use his knowledge to help teach the makeup artists about his character. Read More >>

The Bizarre History of Legion, One of Marvel’s Most Powerful Mutants

Tomorrow, Fox launches its first X-Men-inspired TV show: Legion, which follows the seemingly indescribable life of David Haller, a man who thinks he either has vast psychic powers or he’s going insane. But despite some major ties to equally major X-Men characters, Haller—a.k.a. Legion—is relatively unknown. Here’s what you need to know. Read More >>

Bryan Singer Is Linking the X-Men Movies and TV Shows, Which Seems Like a Bad Idea

Speaking at the Edinburgh Television festival, Bryan Singer said that Legion and the other, unnamed X-Men-based TV show “will relate to future X-Men movies.” This might not work as well as he’s hoping. Read More >>

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FX’s Mutant TV Spin-Off Legion May Be Crazy, But It’s Definitely Fascinating

Legion just telekinetically moved to the top of our “Must-See” list for this Autumn. The Fox show—about David Haller, an incredibly powerful mutant who doesn’t realize the things he sees, hears and does are real—is completely unlike any other Marvel or superhero show, and it looks intriguing as hell. Watch this first trailer and see for yourself. Read More >>