US Senator Moves to Make Autoplay Videos and Infinite Scroll Illegal

That technology might be bad for our health, that it’s manipulating us, isn’t a revelatory take, but it’s one that lawmakers are increasingly becoming intimately entwined with. And a new bill wants to prevent social networks from exploiting us. Read More >>

Government Lets GCHQ Off the Hook for Snooping

Are you an operative in a government body that has been collecting information willy-nilly on your country's citizens? Have your activities been ruled unlawful by the judicial body that investigates this sort of thing? Are you possibly staring down the barrel of prosecution for said snooping? Read More >>

Drones Buzz Golden Gate Bridge, Prompting Security Fears

The earthquake-prone Bay Area is already a pretty precarious area for bridges, but now suspicious drone activity is also a concern for San Francisco’s famous Golden Gate. Read More >>

The EU Wants a New Regulator to Make Sure Internet Firms are Behaving Themselves

The EU's disagreements with Google are the stuff of legends, but it turns out that the search giant isn't the only company it's unhappy with. Leaked documents claim that the organisation wants to found a regulatory body to ensure the economy doesn't become overly reliant on internet firms. Read More >>

Philly, First US City to Ban 3D Printed Guns “Based on Internet Stuff”

On Thursday, Philadelphia became the first U.S. city to enact a ban on 3D printed guns. It's a pre-emptive move, because so far there hasn't been a single report of 3D printed firearms showing up in Philly. As an assistant to the bill's author told Philly Magazine, "it's just based on internet stuff out there." Read More >>

Soon Internet Trolls Won’t Be Able to Hide Anymore

Finally, we might actually be able to do something about the scourge of internet trolls. At least one person is taking the fight to them, but the government wants to help now too. It's putting powers in place to unmask and prosecute trolling fiends. Read More >>

MPs Threaten Google Search Apocalypse With New Privacy Laws

A joint Commons and Lords committee set up to examine current privacy and free speech rules in the UK has come down very hard on Google, putting forward the idea of introducing new laws specifically designed to force the search giant to monitor and remove links to invasive content from its results. Read More >>