Lego Batman Movie Easter Egg Puts the Batcomputer in Your iPhone

If you saw The Lego Batman Movie this past weekend, then you might’ve realised that the voice of the Batcomputer was none other than Siri, the digital voice command assistant found in Apple consumer electronics products. Well, if you’ve got an iPhone, Siri will turn into the Batcomputer if you say the magic words. Read More >>

The Batman We Needed and Deserved: Our Spoiler-Free Review of The Lego Batman Movie

Batman was the breakout star of 2014's The Lego Movie, so it made total sense that Warner Bros. would greenlight a Bat-themed spin-off. Batman keeps raking in millions upon millions after all, and that's without making himself suitable for a child-aged audience. Read More >>

Everything is Batman: All the Easter Eggs and References We Spotted in The Lego Batman Movie

After a few years of waiting, the Batman-centric Lego Movie spin-off is finally here. Sort of. It's actually out for real on Friday 10th, but people have been able to go and see it this weekend. The film is good, and we'll have a review up on site fairly soon. It is also, as promised, filled with easter eggs and callbacks to the Batmen of old, and given the 75+ year history of the character there are plenty of them to enjoy. Here's everything we spotted: Read More >>

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The Lego Batman Movie’s Bruce Wayne Is Incapable of Keeping His Secret Identity Secret

Signing up to do a Cribs-style show when you’re secretly a bat-themed vigilante seems like a profoundly unwise decision. Doing it as both your alter-ego and your real identity just seems downright silly, Bruce. Read More >>

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The Lego Batman Movie Has So Many Hilarious Bat-Vehicles

Batman’s total adoration of Bat-things is well known at this point, but The Lego Batman Movie is taking it to a whole new level in this clip, which has more rad Bat-vehicles than you can shake a Bat-stick at. Read More >>

Lego Batman Is Taking Over The Airwaves Today

Gravelly-voiced toy superhero Lego Batman has landed a new role: introducing TV programmes on Channel 4. He's not doing a Max Headroom, though - it's a Warner Bros promotion for the new Lego Batman movie. Read More >>

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Lego Batman Explains Why He Got His Own Movie: It’s Because He’s Awesome

In case a movie featuring the Lego versions of Batman and company wasn’t already pushing the envelope for absurdity, we now have a “behind the scenes” video where the Lego figures explain why they made the movie. The fourth wall isn’t so much broken as it is twisted into a Möbius strip. Read More >>

New Sets From The Lego Batman Movie Feature Amazing Puns, Heavily Armed Penguins

Look at those tiny, buzzsaw-armed penguins and tell me this is not the greatest Lego set you’ve ever seen. Go on. I’ll wait. Read More >>