Many People Told Lord & Miller Not to Make a Lego Movie Sequel, Even the Film’s Eventual Director

The director of The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part didn’t think anyone should make a sequel to The Lego Movie. And he wasn’t the only one who felt that way. Read More >>

The New Lego Movie 2 Trailer Blasts Off on an Intergalactic Adventure

Space is just the beginning for Emmet, Wyldstyle, Batman, Benny, and Unikitty in The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, which just released its second trailer. Read More >>

The Lego Movie Sequel Will Focus on Gender Issues, and That Sounds Great

Phil Lord and Chris Miller may not be directing The Lego Movie Sequel, but they’re still creating the story, having signed on to do a rewrite of the original script. And it looks like the next film is going to be about an issue Lego has had several problems with in the past: gender. Read More >>

The Lego Movie Sequel Will Deal With the Original Film Breaking the Fourth Wall

It’s hard to believe it’s been over three years since audiences were graced with The Lego Movie. The film was so smart, funny, and successful that of course a sequel almost immediately went into the works. We’re still about two years from its release, but star Chris Pratt told us the latest on the project. Read More >>

Everything is Not Awesome: The Lego Movie Sequel Has Been Moved to 2019

We’re going to have to wait a bit longer to see The Lego Movie 2. Warner Brothers has shuffled their upcoming film slate, pushing the movie back a year to 2019. Read More >>

The Lego Movie Oscars Snub is Garbage

This morning, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences—an institution that in March of 1995 declared Forrest Gump to be a superior film to Pulp Fiction, Shawshank Redemption, and Quiz Show (Quiz Show!)—has decided that The Lego Movie is not one of the five best animated movies of last year. This is not a snub. This is a brickin' joke. Read More >>

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How The Lego Movie Should Have Ended

The Lego Movie was one of the funniest, most entertaining movies to come out this year and pretty much everyone who saw it and had a soul, loved it. Everyone except Lego Superman. He had beef with how the movie ended and he thinks he should have just saved the day and be the hero. Read More >>

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The Lego Movie Official Blooper Reel is So Much Fun to Watch

After watching this blooper reel from The Lego Movie, I'm curled up in a ball laughing so hard that my abs risk being laughter-cised into a rock-hard 2x4 red Lego brick. It's just so much fun. Read More >>

The Lego Movie Trailer Is Here and It Sure Is Quippy

In summer 2012 the news broke that a feature-length Lego movie was actually happening and slated for 2014 release. And it's all true! The first trailer shows Lego figures and indicates a chosen-one-saves-the-world-type plot. Plus a lot of superhero mentions. Read More >>

A Lego Movie Is Happening: Movie Stars Sign Up to Play Lego Figures

The first-ever full length theatrical Lego movie is still happening! Slated for a release in February 2014, the movie has just landed a star studded cast: Morgan Freeman, who will presumably play a God in Lego world (joke), Elizabeth Banks, Chris Pratt and Will Arnett, who will voice a Lego Batman (not a joke). Read More >>