Lego is Letting Fans Vote on Which Star Wars Model Will Be Next in the Ultimate Collector Series

The set is inevitably going to be super expensive, so this way you can at least have some input before dropping hundreds of pounds. Read More >>

The New Lego Star Wars Imperial Destroyer is Here – And It’s Galactically Expensive

Say goodbye to your entire bank balance, my Lego-loving friends: Lego has just revealed its next Star Wars Ultimate Collectors Series set, and it's a big 'un. The biggest one yet, in terms of length. And it's got a giant price tag to match. Read More >>

LEGO Betrayal at Cloud City is a Lovely Star Wars Playset Let Down by the Hefty Price Tag

In addition to being an updated version of 2003’s Cloud City set (10123), Betrayal at Cloud City is also the first in LEGO Star Wars’ ‘Master Builder’ series. These seem to be sets that come with the same level of detail (and pricing) as the Ultimate Collector’s Series, but with more of a focus on playing than display. Here’s the full statement: Read More >>

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens Hands-On: Building All-New Scenes in JJ’s Galaxy

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens is, without being flippant, another Lego game. If, like me, you love developer TT Games' blockified vision of fictional worlds you'll already be jumping for your gamepad. But it's understandable that, for some, the iterative gameplay isn't always a match for the invention shown in translating Marvel's comic heroes, Harry Potter, et al, into ickle Lego blocks. Read More >>