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Watch a Beautiful Lego Porsche 911 Crash and Explode Into a Million Little Pieces

Everybody flipped out last year when Lego Technic released a gorgeous Porsche 911 GT3 RS. But who would’ve guessed that an even more beautiful spectacle would be watching the 2,700-piece work of art participate in a crash test. Read More >>

Lego Just Smashed Its 100% Renewable Energy Goal

Lego has invested $1 billion (£768.1 million) over the last four years to balance 100 per cent of its energy use with that from renewable sources, and now that goal has been achieved - three years early. Read More >>

An Aerospace Engineer Turned a Classic Lego Set Into an RC Plane That Actually Flies

Fuelled by imagination, this 27-year-old Lego set — the Solo Trainer — flew thousands of hours in the hands of kids and collectors. But Adam Woodworth, an aerospace engineer and hardware designer at Google, wanted to see just how aeronautically sound Lego’s design really was, so he built a giant RC version of it. Read More >>

Live Out Your Astronaut Dreams With Lego’s Metre-Tall NASA Apollo Saturn V Rocket

To this day, the Saturn V remains the largest and most powerful rocket NASA has ever blasted into space, which is perfectly reflected in Lego’s new Apollo Saturn V model. That model stands a full metre in height, with the Apollo lunar lander, lunar orbiter, and astronauts, hidden away inside. Read More >>

A Homemade Brick Blaster Makes Lego Accidents Even More Painful

Joerg Sprave, the internet’s most famous slingshot-loving amateur super villain, has found ways to weaponise everything from foam Nerf darts, to those tiny Ikea pencils. His latest troubling achievement is a custom elastic-powered blaster that can turn Lego bricks into tiny projectiles. Read More >>

The Lego Movie Sequel Will Deal With the Original Film Breaking the Fourth Wall

It’s hard to believe it’s been over three years since audiences were graced with The Lego Movie. The film was so smart, funny, and successful that of course a sequel almost immediately went into the works. We’re still about two years from its release, but star Chris Pratt told us the latest on the project. Read More >>

Grown-Ass Men Denied Entry to Lego Playground, Say It’s a Human Rights Violation

Australia got its first Legoland Discovery Center this week in Melbourne, but some Lego fans aren’t too happy about it. A handful of adult men are pissed off that the Playground area is restricted to children. And one is even threatening to file a human rights complaint. Read More >>

Lego Macintosh Is a Miniature Classic That Actually Kind of Works

There’s something about combining Lego and old Macintosh computers that is just irresistible for hobbyists. The latest edition to the canon is a cute little version of the Macintosh Classic from 1990 that uses a Raspberry Pi and an e-ink display to make it partially function. Best of all, you can have one on your desk because its creator has detailed how he built it. Read More >>

It’s Going to Be Insanely Hard to Get Lego’s Special Star Wars Celebration Set

Star Wars Celebration gets under way in Florida next week, and with it comes countless exclusives that only attendees will be able to snatch up and sell on eBay afterwards. But Lego’s special edition Celebration set could be the hardest one to get your hands on since it will only be available to attendees lucky enough to win a raffle ahead of the festivities. Read More >>

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Disney’s Lego Rogue One Recap Conveniently Ends Before Mass Extinction

Disney recently released its latest Lego Star Wars recap with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, retelling the two-hour film in about two minutes. Guess that didn’t leave a lot of room for the ending— where, you know... Read More >>

The First Lego Set for the Wonder Woman Movie Gives Us a Gigantic God of War

Discerning information about an upcoming movie from its toyline is always a bit of a wild goose chase—especially when it comes to Lego, which is notorious for obfuscating as much as it can to make sets. But nonetheless, this Lego set is the closest thing we have so far to a look at Wonder Woman’s big bad. Read More >>

Every ’90s Kid Will Want This Transforming Power Rangers Megazord Lego Set

Lego master builder ckb ckd needs to submit this meticulously detailed transforming Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Megazord set to Lego Ideas, so the rest of us can vote to have the toymaker turn it into a real set we can one day spend lots of real money on. Read More >>

Could We BE Any More Excited About This Lego ‘Friends’ Set?

We're big kids at heart, so news that a (strictly unofficial) 'Friends' Lego set is coming has us more excited than Joey at Thanksgiving. Read More >>

The World Needs LEGO Tape More Than We Realised

Earlier in the week, an IndieGoGo campaign for a product called Nimuno Loops launched. Basically LEGO tape – an adhesive strip you can stick anywhere and attach LEGO to – it seems like a marvellous idea for fans of the colourful blocks. With a modest IndieGoGo budget of $8,000 (around £6,400), the team behind Nimuno Loops obviously weren't expecting a massive amount of interest. Read More >>

Lego Tape is a Game Changer

It's finally happened. We have peaked as a species. This is it, this is the best we are ever going to do. Nothing will beat Lego tape. Read More >>