Lego’s Voltron Is Wonderful Proof That Fans Are Sometimes Worth Listening To

Listening to what customers want is crucial for any company to survive, but in 2008 Lego took that idea farther than most by enlisting its dedicated fanbase to actually help it design new sets. The approach has led to some of the company’s most memorable creations to date, including a towering new Voltron set that might be the ultimate mashup of childhood nostalgia. Read More >>

Lego Seems to be Back at Board Games, as Ludo is Spotted in the Wild

Several years ago Lego made the decision to get into the board game business, developing new and classic games out of Lego pieces for everyone to enjoy. From what I recall this was met fairly well, but in recent years we haven't seen much of that. There's the Iconic Chess Set that went on sale last year and the Guess Who clone that just got discontinued, but that's about it. If you miss the blend of Lego and table-top gaming, there's good news because someone's spotted Lego Ludo in the wild. Read More >>

Lego’s Newest Sub-Site is Teasing the Upcoming Overwatch Range

Back in May Activision confirmed that as part of its push to develop Overwatch-themed toys, it was partnering with the Lego Company to create brickified versions of Blizzard's strangely-popular multiplayer shooter. We had absolutely no details about what was to come at the time, but Lego has started teasing the launch with an Overwatch-themed sub-site. Read More >>

With Some Clever Engineering, This Guy Made a Supersized Lego Helicopter Actually Fly

Instead of relying on just his imagination to make Lego toys fly, Adam Woodworth supersizes his favourite sets and upgrades them with motors and electronics so they can take to the skies all by themselves. But with a blocky rotor that’s clearly not designed for flight, can you figure out how this Lego helicopter manages to get off the ground? Read More >>

The New RC Lego Batmobile Is Your Puppy’s Worst Nightmare

When I was a kid I always wanted to electrify my Lego creations. I wanted my Lego planes to fly, and I wanted my Lego cars to drive. The latter is finally possible thanks to Lego’s new Power Up platform, a set of features that lets you add motors to Lego creations and control them with a smartphone app. One of the first sets is a drivable Batmobile, and boy, does my dog hate it. Read More >>

Lego’s Geoffrey Brickheadz Figure is the Latest Casualty of Toys R Us’s Demise

Toys R Us's financial woes meant it shut down its operations in the US and UK, which is a shame to a great many children and childish adults everywhere. While some sections of the company continue to soldier on in other parts of the world, the latest casualty we have to contend with is the fact we'll never have the chance to buy this Brickheadz figure of the company's giraffe mascot Geoffrey. Read More >>

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Lego Batman, Superman, and Emmet Star in the Best Airline Safety Video You’ve Ever Seen

In the escalating arms race that is entertaining airline safety videos, Turkish Airlines has just dropped the equivalent of the atomic bomb on its competitors. Its new in-flight video features characters from The Lego Movie inside a fantastically detailed Lego aeroplane. It’s...awesome. Read More >>

We Built This Massive Lego Voltron So You Don’t Have To

We love any excuse to foster our inner children. For Gizmodo video producer Tom Caswell, that opportunity came with Lego’s new Classic Voltron Set. It’s 2,300 pieces of 1980s Lego perfection that we put together over the course of eight glorious hours. Of course, we know not everyone has the time for that—so check out our timelapse video construction of the almighty Voltron, which went on sale yesterday. Read More >>

Lego Roller Coaster Review: Seriously Big Fun

I was almost dreading putting together the Lego Roller Coaster. Not because it didn’t look really cool – because by god, it did – but because of the sheer size of it. It’s absolutely huge. I was all ready to write about how it’s a great set to build but unless you have a ridiculous amount of space in your house then don’t bother buying it. And that’s still kind of true. But after finishing building it, and playing with the thing, I absolutely love it. Yes, it may be half a metre tall and the best part of a metre wide, but damn it, I will find somewhere for it to live without having to dismantle it. The Lego Roller Coaster might just be the most fun set I’ve built to date. Read More >>

Lego’s Newest Star Wars Set is this Freaky Life-Size Porg

Tomorrow is 1st August, which also happens to be the day a whole string of new sets hit the shelves of the Lego store. We've already heard a load of different announcements, including Jame Bond, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and even Aquaman, but there are still some things Lego has been keeping close to its chest. Like this life-size Porg set that's so detailed it looks a little freaky. Read More >>

The Lego City Police Station is Just Pure Frustration-Free Fun

Okay, so Lego City sets might not be the most complex, interesting or challenging builds, but that doesn’t mean they’re not fun. Lego’s current City Police Station set, 60141, is very much a playset aimed at children, but it’s an engaging build that offers plenty of detail and enjoyment for the young and old alike. Read More >>

Lego’s 6,020 Piece Hogwarts is a Harry Potter Fan’s Dream Set

Lego has a large number of Harry Potter themed sets coming next week, including a miniature version of Hogwarts with it's own Great Hall inside. But there's a better one on the way. A proper Hogwarts that's been on the wishlist of every harry Potter fan since the very first Potter-themed Lego sets came out all those years ago. And it'll arrive on 15th August. Read More >>

The New Lego Harry Potter Sets are Available to Pre-Order on eBay Right Now

About a month ago Lego let me take a closer look at the new Harry Potter sets that are due to be released next Wednesday. If seeing those pictures got you nice and excited for the next wave of magical Lego bricks, you'll probably be happy to hear eBay will let you pre-order them right now. Not even the Lego store has that option yet. Read More >>

Great Lego Race VR Experience Has Come to Manchester’s Legoland Discovery Centre

Legoland has a virtual reality roller coaster, don't you know. Well Legoland Florida and Malaysia do, while Windsor isn't set to get the thing until sometime in 2019. But you don't need to sound too upset, because there's a bite-size version to enjoy. Originally it was limited to the Legoland Discovery Centre in Boston, but now it's come to the one in Manchester. Read More >>

Lego DC Super-Villains Lets You Wreak Havoc With the Baddies as a Custom Villain 

The newest trailer for Lego DC Super-Villains has arrived, which will star a custom-created supervillain of the player’s choice alongside DC’s deep catalogue of bodacious bad guys. Read More >>