Lego Batman Movie Easter Egg Puts the Batcomputer in Your iPhone

If you saw The Lego Batman Movie this past weekend, then you might’ve realised that the voice of the Batcomputer was none other than Siri, the digital voice command assistant found in Apple consumer electronics products. Well, if you’ve got an iPhone, Siri will turn into the Batcomputer if you say the magic words. Read More >>

Vent Your Frustration and Rage With a Working Lego Whac-a-Mole Game

If you’re well-stocked with Lego, you can build yourself a working version of Whac-a-Mole that even keeps score. It might even be better than the original, because if you break it, you can easily put it back together. Read More >>

You Will Absolutely Wince While Watching Will Arnett Walk Across a Bed of Lego

If you have never made this face to keep yourself from screaming a string of expletives after stepping on Lego, then you have never gone into a home with a young child. Also, you’ve probably never wanted to kill a child for leaving out a bunch of Lego. Read More >>

It Took Over 10,00 Bricks to Build This Wearable Lego Batman Jacket

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first. Before you reach for your credit card, this amazing Batman-themed jacket made from over 10,000 pieces of Lego isn’t available for sale. It was a one-of-a-kind creation made to tease every Lego and Batman fan who will never be able to own it. Read More >>

Save £800 and Build Your Own Pair of Self-Lacing Trainers Using Lego

Back to the Future II> gave us an awesome glimpse of the future where trainers automatically laced themselves. What the films left out, however, was that those trainers would cost you £800 a pair. Oof. But if you’ve got a bit of Lego lying around at home, you can give any shoe self-lacing powers on the cheap. Read More >>

Lego Batman Is Taking Over The Airwaves Today

Gravelly-voiced toy superhero Lego Batman has landed a new role: introducing TV programmes on Channel 4. He's not doing a Max Headroom, though - it's a Warner Bros promotion for the new Lego Batman movie. Read More >>

The Lego Batman Movie’s Bane Figure Is Totally Awesome

A lot of things look good about The Lego Batman Movie—whether it’s the film itself or the Lego sets. But I think my favourite thing about it is this new Bane “mini” figure that’s actually hulking, and it’s spine-tinglingly brilliant. Read More >>

Lego is Now a Social Network Too

The Lego behemoth would like to take control of the parts of your child's life that aren't spent playing with bricks on the floor, with its Lego Life social network now live for the entertainment and sedation of the under-13 demographic. Read More >>

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Batman: The Animated Series’ Intro Gets a Fantastic Lego Remake

It’s undoubtedly just a coincidence that Kyle Roberts and Nathan Pope’s fantastic Lego remake of the Batman: The Animated Series intro happened to appear online a couple of weeks before the Lego Batman Movie hits cinemas. But even if the pair is trying to cash in on the popularity of superheroes and building toys, their stop-motion film is full of fun Easter eggs and gags—and a Lego version of the best Batmobile to ever roll through Gotham. Read More >>

The Only Thing Missing From This Delightful Lego Version of Super Mario Bros. Is a Tiny Plumber

Forget about dropping £280 on the Nintendo Switch just to get your next Super Mario Bros. fix. As Jason Cichon demonstrates, all you need is a big pile of plastic bricks and some mad Lego skills to build a custom side-scrolling Super Mario level. The only thing that’s really missing is a hero. Read More >>

You No Longer Need to Know How to Code to Build Crazy Lego Robots

There are a lot of crazy Lego builds out there. This Rubik’s Cube solver, or this hypnotic ball contraption, for example, give you an idea of just how technical some of these projects can be. Now, Lego is finally making robotic toys for everyone who’s too lazy to learn to code. Read More >>

You Can Build a Working Nerf Blaster Using Lego

Proving once again that the only toy any kid really needs is a giant box of Lego, YouTube’s Astonishing Studios has managed to recreate a working version of the classic Nerf Maverick REV-6 blaster using nothing but plastic bricks and a metal spring for power. Read More >>

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A Lego Contraption That Solves Giant 9x9x9 Rubik’s Cubes Is Smarter Than You

If you feel inadequate about your inability to solve even a standard-sized 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube, then don’t watch this video of the MultiCuber 999: a towering Lego Mindstorms contraption that can solve giant 9x9x9 Rubik’s Cubes. Read More >>

I Spent 22 Hours Building Lego’s New Death Star So You Don’t Have To

But really? If you’ve got the time, lack of willpower when it comes to buying shiny things, space to house a giant plastic sphere, and the money, you actually might want to build it anyway. Read More >>

Build This Lego Assistant to Take Care of All Your Christmas Cards

From shopping, to decorating a Christmas tree, you’ve got enough to deal with this time of year without having to send friends and family a card reminding them of all their holiday responsibilities. So why not dig out your Lego bin and build this Mindstorms assistant that can churn out all your Christmas cards for you? Read More >>