The First Lego Overwatch Model is a Little Bastion

Lego Overwatch models have been teased for a few months, and aside from a glimpse at a Tracer minifigure, we haven't seen a great deal. But finally, there's an actual model out in the wild: Omnic Bastion (75987). It's a 12cm tall model of the mech in orange (the character's "Omnic Crisis" skin), complete with machine gun arm and "friendly bird companion" Ganymede. Read More >>

A 12-Year Old’s Temporary Lego Glue Just Got Him £61,300 on American Dragon’s Den

In news that will only seemingly hasten Gizmodo UK's changeover into a dedicated Lego fan site, there's some good news coming out of America for a change. A 12-year old appeared on Shark Tank, the American version of Dragon's Den, and walked away with an $80,000 investment in some temporary glue for Lego bricks. Read More >>

Lego Voltron is the Perfect Model to Build With Friends

If you're an adult, Lego is probably something of a solitary activity. You don't want kids getting their grubby little hands all over your precious bits of plastic. And you probably don't want your partner stepping in, ruining all the fun either. Let's face it; unless someone is demoted to "brick finder", on most models you're just going to get in each other's way. But that's where Lego Voltron stands out. The £160 set released as part of the Lego Ideas range this summer makes one giant robot when put together, but it's actually made up of five smaller, standalone models that can be built completely separately from one another. Read More >>

Lego Ideas is Bringing a Treehouse and The Flintstones to Life

The latest set of Lego Ideas results are in, and once again the company has decided two of the finalists deserve to be turned into real life sets that will be available to purchase. The winners are the elaborate Lego Treehouse set, and a recreation of classic animated TV series the Flintstones. Read More >>

Darth Vader’s Castle is the Latest Star Wars Location to Get the Lego Treatment

There is a lot of Lego out there in the world, and if the state of my flat is anything to go by there's far too much of it. But the company isn't going to slow down anytime soon, and last night a brand new Star Wars set was announced. It's Darth Vader's castle, as seen in Rogue One. Read More >>

A Tracer Minifigure is Our First Real Look at Lego’s Upcoming Overwatch Range

It was first announced that gaming hit Overwatch would be getting the Lego treatment back in May, and the Lego Company has been releasing several teases in the months since to try and drum up some hype. But, today is the first day we get a proper look at what's to come. It's not much, just a minifigure, but it's better than those silhouettes that were revealed at Gamescom. Read More >>

FORMA is Lego’s New Building Experience, Designed for Adults to Relax and Embrace Creativity

For decades Lego has been working on designing new sets and ideas in secret, only revealing them to the public when they're ready to go on sale. Despite the fact Lego is such a big popular company that seemingly can't fail (these days, anyway), that sort of thing comes with plenty of risks. After all botched ideas that weren't profitable are part of the reason why Lego nearly collapsed. For that reason Lego has announced a new 'open innovation scheme' that brings Lego fans into the mix to hear what they think. Read More >>

LEGO’s Next Creator Expert Set is This Giant Wind Turbine

Back in 2008 LEGO teamed up with Vestas, a Danish company responsible for developing wind turbines, to turn one of their turbines into a set. The only problem was this set was limited edition, and in typical LEGO style it means resellers have been trying to sell them for a small fortune. Bad news for those sellers, because LEGO is relaunching the Vestas turbine in the form of a new 826-Piece LEGO Creator Expert set. Read More >>

LEGO Betrayal at Cloud City is a Lovely Star Wars Playset Let Down by the Hefty Price Tag

In addition to being an updated version of 2003’s Cloud City set (10123), Betrayal at Cloud City is also the first in LEGO Star Wars’ ‘Master Builder’ series. These seem to be sets that come with the same level of detail (and pricing) as the Ultimate Collector’s Series, but with more of a focus on playing than display. Here’s the full statement: Read More >>

Smyths Toys Superstores Thrives in a Post-Toys R Us UK

Since Toys R Us closed earlier this year, Smyths Toys Superstores has crept into the position of the UK's largest out-of-town toy retailer. And it seems to be thriving as so: in 2017 the company saw a profit increase of 18 per cent and that success continues as the company expands across the country. Since last year, it has spent over £20 million in property purchases to open new stores, and has increase the number of employed staff from 1,888 to 2,195. Not bad considering physical shops are forever dwindling. Read More >>

Tinkerer Builds More Durable Version of Nintendo Labo Toys Using Lego

When I reviewed Nintendo’s Labo kits a few months ago, I was genuinely impressed that the company had managed to create playable accessories out of cardboard. However, a few months later they’re starting to show some wear and tear, and glue and tape can only go so far when it comes to repairing them. That’s why I love the idea of recreating the Labo toys using infinitely repairable Lego. Read More >>

Lego’s Winter Holiday Train and Winter Village Station Are Back

If you missed out on last year's Winter Village Station or 2016's Winter Holiday Train, both Christmas-themed sets are making a return this year. That means, along with the newly-announced Winter Village Fire Station, there'll be three Christmas sets available from Lego this year. Read More >>

Fraudulent Lego Websites Pop Up and Attempt to Scam Customers

Over the last few weeks, there's been a wave of fake Lego websites pop up. Not fake as in selling counterfeit Lego. The sites carry the Lego brand, look very like the official Lego website, and claim to be selling official Lego merchandise at very discounted prices. Read More >>

Fantastic Beasts Characters Are The Latest To Join Lego’s BrickHeadz Line

Love them or hate them, it seems like Lego's BrickHeadz are going to be around for a long while yet. The series that seems to tackle Funko Pop collectibles head-on by immortalising popular characters in chunky brick form has unveiled two new characters that will be added to the line-up soon: Newt Scamander and Gellert Grindelwald from the upcoming Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald movie. Read More >>