Save £120 on Lego Star Wars Cloud City and £108 off the Taj Mahal With John Lewis’s Deals

Lego can get quite expensive, and these days there are plenty of them that wind up close to the £300 mark – and sometimes beyond. Thankfully John Lewis has just discounted a bunch of sets, and some of those ultra-expensive sets have had quite a lot of money knocked off. That includes £120 off the Star Wars Cloud City set, and £109 off the Taj Mahal. Read More >>

The Lego Store’s Next Free Gift is a Little Hidden Side Set

Dedicated Lego fans will know that every so often the company will announce it's giving away an exclusive set if you meet certain criteria.Usually that means you have to spend money in the Lego store, and sometimes its on a specific set or theme. Well another one of those gifts is on the way, and it's a little set from the new Hidden Side range, which means it's going to be compatible with all the mini games in the Hidden Side app. Read More >>

Lego’s Getting Back into Trains With the Ludicrously Expensive Disneyland Train & Station

When it comes to trains, Lego doesn't offer a whole lot of choice. The cheapest non-Duplo ones are £65 and £79 a piece, and they're the newly-released Hidden Side haunted train and the Hogwarts Express. The cheapest proper, motorised train is £120, so it's fair to say that you're going to have to pay a lot for the privilege of having a train set made of Lego. The newly-revealed Disney Train and Station is absolutely no exception. Read More >>

Lego Ideas Tree House Review: Tedious Build, Tremendous Model

The latest set to come from Lego Ideas, the innovative scheme that produces models as designed by the Lego community, is the Tree House. At £180, it's the most expensive set in the range to date, but with over 3,000 pieces it's also the biggest. The Lego Ideas range has been host to some of my favourite ever Lego sets – the Old Fishing Store, Voltron and the Pop-Up Book just to name a few have all been fantastic, mainly thanks to their uniqueness. The Lego Tree House, which became available to the public on 1st August, might not be the most innovative or creative theme – we've all seen or heard of a treehouse, of course – but the Lego rendition of what is a fairly ordinary idea is simply fantastic. Read More >>

Lego’s Friends Central Perk Set is Out Next Month And Could We BE Anymore Excited

Back in February Lego announced that they would be immortalising Friends' Central Perk in Lego form, after it successfully navigated the depths of Lego Ideas. Now we know exactly when it's going to come out and how much it will cost. 1st September, and £65. Read More >>

stranger things
Stranger Things Lego Set Gets Repurposed for a Photo Shoot and the Final Results Are Awesome

Hungarian photographer and Lego fan, Lampert Benedek, has shared his latest series which uses the Lego Stranger Things 'The Upside Down' set to recreate scenes from the show, and it's fantastic. Read More >>

star wars
With the Help of Lego, This Video Explores a Series of Silly Star Wars What-Ifs

What if Anakin forgot to eat breakfast the day of the podrace? What if he became Darth Vader way, way earlier? A delightful new video explores the silliest Star Wars what-ifs, from the mouth of babes and the art of Lego. Read More >>

What We Think About Lego’s New Hidden Side AR Range

Initially announced back in February, today is the day that Lego’s new augmented reality-powered ‘Hidden Side’ range hits shop shelves. In case you forgot what that was all about, the premise is pretty simple: Lego has released a range of real, buildable sets, but it just so happens that they can connect with a free augmented reality app. Read More >>

You Can Now Waste Your Lego VIP Points on a 7 Day Xbox Game Pass

Recently Lego overhauled its VIP rewards programme, changing the way points are accumulated and how they can be spent. Simply put, you can now redeem your points against certain rewards, rather than only being able to claim a discount on future purchases. Those rewards include discounts, exclusive sets and gifts, plus a bunch of other stuff. Stuff that now includes a seven day Xbox Game Pass. Read More >>

The Lego Ideas Treehouse Arrives Tomorrow, Costs £180

Back in October Lego announced two new sets would be arriving from the Lego Ideas range: The Flintstones house and a more original Lego treehouse. The Flintstones was released earlier this year, but the treehouse was mysteriously absent until a few weeks ago  when it popped up in some strange places. Now we've got official news that it will be hitting Lego stores tomorrow. Read More >>

Birmingham and Southampton are Getting Lego Stores

For a city as big and populous as Birmingham I've always found it a bit weird that it doesn't have its own Lego store. Apparently there used to be one about ten years ago, but it shut, though times are changing a bit. Lego has announced that the people of the Midlands won't have to suffer the wait of ordering online or picking through the meagre stock in the tiny local branch of The Entertainer. Southampton is also getting one, which is nice. Read More >>

We Celebrated the Moon Landing Anniversary by Building the Lego Lunar Lander at NASA

As many people will already be aware, the year is 2019. 2019 is not only the last year of the 2010s, and the 50th anniversary of that time Bryan Adams got his first real six string, it also marks half a century since human beings first plonked their feet on the moon. 20th July 1969 was the day that happened, and we thought we'd do something special in the best way we could think of: with Lego. Read More >>

Forget Prime Day, Smyths Has Knocked £50 off the Giant Lego Hogwarts

Prime Day is drawing to a close, but the one thing we've been quite upset about is the lack of money off Lego. Usually Amazon has a number of nice-looking sets to flog, but this time it's basically just one - the 20th anniversary Slave I. But we're always on the lookout for an extra Lego bargain, and we just spotted Smyths has knocked £50 off the giant Lego Hogwarts. So now it's £300 instead of £350. Read More >>

Lego Star Wars BOOST Droid Commander Sets Gets Surprise Early Release for Prime Day

Back in May Lego made an early announcement for Star Wars day, promising that there would be a Star Wars-themed version of the Lego BOOST robotics set arriving in September. But September was a long way off, and it seems Lego got sick of keeping it in storage for another couple of months. So Droid Commander has come early, like some sort of Prime Day miracle. Read More >>

Stranger Things Barb Lego Minifig is SDCC Exclusive and People are Pissed

Heads up, Stranger Things fans. Barb is back! Well, not really. She is definitely dead. But she's been immortalised as a Lego minifigure exclusive to San Diego Comic-Con 2019. Read More >>