Lego x Ikea Products Spotted on Shelves

We love Lego, we love Ikea, and we're pretty bloomin' excited for the collaboration between the two. Read More >>

There’s a Lego NES Console and TV Coming Next Month

Lego has just teased something new on its official Twitter account, but thanks to those wonderful things called leaks we don't have to wait long to figure out what it is. It's a brick-built NES console and an old-school TV. Read More >>

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This Stop-Motion Build of the Lego Millennium Falcon Is Jaw-Dropping

Three years ago, I spent 34 hours building the biggest Lego set ever created: the Star Wars Ultimate Collectors Series Millennium Falcon, which clocks in at 7,541 pieces. You may have even seen the video (and if not, you can watch it here). It was a fun but tedious and gruelling experience. I mention this because what you’re about to watch blows what I did out of the water. Read More >>

Lego’s Art Range Lets You Build Portraits of Famous People

Lego has branched out a lot over the years, but recently it's really going hard on the adult Lego fans. you know, the ones that actually have the money to spend on the extravagant (and expensive) things the company produces. The latest is called Lego Art, and it lets you put together pop-culture portraits with Lego pieces. Read More >>

The Latest Lego Ideas Results are In, and They are Kind of Disappointing

Lego Ideas results day is always disappointing for some, because there are always an incredible number of sets to be chosen and it's rare for more than two of them to be approved. Today's results feels extra disappointing, though, because the sets they picked aren't that exciting (to say the least) compared to what could have been had. Read More >>

Here Are All the Lego Star Wars Sets Arriving on 1st August

New seasons often mean new releases over at the Lego Company, and while the other brands seem to have most of their summer releases already, we've had to wait a bit for Star Wars to show us what's coming. We've seen some of them already, but here's everything arriving in a Galaxy Far Far Away on 1st August. Read More >>

Super-Sized Lego Go-Kart Is Big Enough for Even Grown-up Kids to Drive

Matt Denton was one of the clever engineers responsible for designing and building the functional BB-8 robots and puppets used to film the most recent Star Wars trilogy. But online Denton is probably better known for his clever use of 3D printing to supersize Lego Technic sets, which now includes a functional go-kart he can actually drive. Read More >>

Lego’s Super Mario is Perfect if You Suck at the Video Games

Approximately 40,000 years ago, back in March when time still had meaning, Lego and Nintendo made nerds weep with joy when the companies announced their first collaboration: a high-tech Super Mario that lets you build real-life video game levels for out of Lego bricks. A real-life Mario Maker, if you will. Since then, the companies have announced expansion sets and costume upgrades, which only underscores the breadth of this Lego-Nintendo undertaking. Now, having built and played the starter course and three expansion sets, I can finally say there is a Super Mario level that I can actually beat. Read More >>

Lego Just Announced the Full Range of Super Mario Sets

We've already heard a fair bit about Lego's Super Mario range of sets, so I was rather surprised to hear that we hadn't seen them all. Things change, though, with Lego revealing a huge range of sets that are due to go on sale on 1st August. Read More >>

Classic Mickey and Minnie Mouse are Joining Lego’s Range of Buildable Figures

You'd be hard-pressed to find a character as classic and long-lived as Mickey Mouse. To the point where Disney has lobbied in favour of extending copyright and try to keep hold of the earliest Mickey movies a bit longer. So it makes sense Lego would design and release Mickey and his long-term partner Minnie as larger-scale buildable sets. Read More >>

Rumours Say Lego’s Releasing a UCS Imperial Shuttle This September

The Ultimate Collector's Series range is the pinnacle of the Lego Star Wars range, offering sets that are detailed, high quality, and look generally rather amazing - even if they are expensive. So it's always great to hear about a new set that's on the way, and if rumours are to believed September will see the release of the Imperial Shuttle first seen in Return of the Jedi. Read More >>

Lego Mindstorms is Back After a Seven Year Holiday

It's been 22 years since Lego first got into the business of selling the robotic Mindstorms range, but it's also been seven years since the release of the last bot system - the EV 3. But now Lego is coming back with a new system called the Robot Inventor 5-in-1. Read More >>

Lego VIPs Are in for a Treat With the Chance to Snap up Some Previously Released Freebies

Lego fans can get excited about adding these sets to their collection - or not; I have no idea what is and isn't a coup in the world of stabby, plastic toys that have the potential to topple a fully grown man when stepped on. Read More >>

Lego Asks Stores to Stop Advertising Police, White House Sets

In recognition of everything that’s going on right now, Lego's actions for #BlackOutTuesday involved not just a $4 million donation to organisations devoted to racial equality, but a request for sellers to not advertise any sets involving police or the White House. Read More >>

Argos Has Knocked 20% off Lego Technic Sets

Lego is an expensive hobby to have, so when we see some good money-off deals we can't help but jump on them. Argos currently has quite a good deal going on right now, which knocks 20 per cent off a number of great Technic sets. Read More >>