Lego Ideas’ Women of NASA Set Arrives on 1st November

Lego Ideas might have already announced two new sets back in August, but clearly that wasn't enough. It's announced a brand new set in the form of Women of NASA, set to arrive on 1st November. Read More >>

Watching This Lego Figure Perpetually Mow Its Lawn Is the Most Relaxing Thing

A few years ago, Jason Allemann of JK Brickworks created an animated Lego version of the tragic Greek figure, Sisyphus, perpetually pushing a giant boulder. Using the same building techniques, Allemann has created a modern version of that character, who now spends eternity perpetually mowing a lawn that will never stop growing. Read More >>

Kids With Bizarre Names Win Free Entry to LegoLand

Legoland's UK office is handing out free tickets to both children and adults from next week, but there's a catch. The potential free visitors have to have names a little bit more unusual than Olivia or George. Read More >>

The Ultimate Lego Experience Opens in Denmark Next Week

If you're as much a fan of the interlocking plastic brick as we are here at Gizmodo, you may want to consider booking yourself a flight to Denmark sometime very soon. The Lego House opens in Billund, the birthplace of Lego, on 28th September, and it looks awesome. Read More >>

Lego’s Old Fishing Store Might Be the Best Ideas Set Yet

Released earlier this month, Lego set 21310 Old Fishing Store is the latest addition to the Ideas range. It's also the biggest yet — and in my opinion, the best. Read More >>

The Lego Movie Sequel Will Focus on Gender Issues, and That Sounds Great

Phil Lord and Chris Miller may not be directing The Lego Movie Sequel, but they’re still creating the story, having signed on to do a rewrite of the original script. And it looks like the next film is going to be about an issue Lego has had several problems with in the past: gender. Read More >>

star wars
Lego’s Ultimate Collector’s Series Millennium Falcon is Proof Lego Isn’t Just a Kid’s Toy

Last Friday I got a very large package delivered to my flat. A supposedly child-friendly package, before anyone starts asking about porn-based innuendos. Inside was the latest edition to Lego's product line, a set that makes fans of Lego Star Wars simultaneously marvel at its grandeur and shriek with abject horror. Read More >>

This 7,541-Piece Millennium Falcon Is the Largest, Most Desirable Lego Set Ever Created

In July of 2007, Lego released the Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon set which, at 5,195 pieces, was the largest set the toymaker had ever released. Ten years later, the Falcon is getting a massive update and facelift, with an additional 2,346 pieces, and an even heftier £650 price tag. And good lord, is it beautiful. Read More >>

Lego’s New Robotics Set Made Me Fall in Love With Lego All Over Again

There’s nothing unique about loving Lego. Millions of people wax nostalgic when they see those colourful bricks. Millions more never stopped building. I’ve always been a bit in between. I like zoning out by putting stuff together so, every couple of years, I’ll buy a Lego set and build it. But then what? Put it on my shelf? Thanks to the new Lego Boost Creative Toolbox, there’s another possibility. Turning Lego creations into programmable robots makes them fun (and functional) in an amazing new way. Read More >>

Super-Sizing Lego Sets is the Only Reason You Need a 3D Printer

They’ve been used by large companies for rapidly creating prototypes for at least a few decades, but finding a reason to put a 3D printer in every home hasn’t been as successful. Making accessories for your vacuum? Boring. Building pop bottle bridges? Meh. Super-sizing Lego? Hello holy grail of 3D printing. Read More >>

The Biggest Lego Set Ever Will be Star Wars Themed

Lego and Star Wars have a long history, dating back to 1999 when the franchise became the brick company's first licensed series - an important step on the road to saving itself from near-financial ruin. Since then we've seen countless Star Wars scenes and characters immortalised in Lego form. It's probably no surprise that one upcoming set, which is promised to be the largest set ever, is Star Wars themed. Read More >>

Hands on With Nimuno Loops Toy Block Tape (aka ‘Lego Tape’)

Back in March the world seemed to be taken by storm by a novel concept: Nimuno Loops Toy Block Tape which is compatible with Lego and other similar (lesser) products. A lot of people pledged money to the Indiegogo campaign, including me. My order just arrived, so let's take a look at just how effective this stuff actually is. Read More >>

Lego Repackaged 120,000 Sets Because Someone Used the Wrong Shade of Grey [Updated]

Update 9/8/2017: Lego has got in touch to inform us that there was no recall involved, because the sets in question hadn't been shipped out yet. Instead they were simply repackaged with the correct grey pieces. We apologise for any confusion this may have caused Read More >>

An Old-School Voltron Set Is Officially Coming to Lego

A little over a year after len_d69's custom Lego Voltron set was submitted to the Lego Ideas platform, the toymaker has officially decided to put it into production after the fantastic model of the five transforming robots from the original animated series successfully received 10,000 votes of support from fans. Read More >>

London’s ‘The Art of Brick: DC Super Heroes’ Exhibition is Getting an Extension

If you've been on the London Underground anytime in the past few months, you might have seen adverts for 'The Art of Brick', accompanied by pictures of DC superheroes made out of Lego bricks. Well that exhibition is getting an extension, so you have until 10th September to go and take pictures to bore your non-geeky friends with. Read More >>