If You Can’t Afford a Real 1967 Ford Mustang There’s Always This Lego Version

Despite the less than subtle messages in the Lego movies, sometimes it’s totally okay to follow your highly-sophisticated interlocking brick system’s building instructions. Case in point: Lego’s new Creator Expert series 1960s-era Ford Mustang model which does a remarkably good job at recreating the curves of a now-iconic muscle car. Read More >>

Inside the Mind of a Master Builder

I have a lot of memories playing with LEGO as a boy. I had a tendency to up-end my barrel of bricks, trying my best to make whatever I could with the motley collection I had. My proudest moment was making the Phoenix from Battle of the Planets. That (a) dates me and (b) was a terrible interpretation that looked very little like the real thing. But hey, the wings didn’t fall off so I’m calling it a win. Read More >>

Friends’ Central Perk is Being Immortalised in Lego Form

Lego Ideas is a great way for people to submit their own creations in the hopes that they'll be turned into a proper buyable Lego set. Sets that get enough vote have to go through a review board, and the latest batch of results are in. Good thing too, since the Lego Flintstones set is set to arrive later this week, and we need something to look forward to. Two sets made it past the review board this time around, and they are a Lego-fied version of Central Perk from Friends and a rendition of classic Disney short Steamboat Willie. Read More >>

You Can Buy the Lego Flintstones Set From 20th February

Back in October Lego announced two new Lego Ideas submissions would be produced as actual sets: A treehouse, which is an original creation, and Lego-version of the house and car from The FlintstonesNow that last one has been made, and it will be available for you to buy and build next week. Read More >>

Jurassic World’s T-Rex Fighting Mecha T-Rex is the Lego Set of My Childhood Fantasies

Lego’s partnering with Universal for a new 13-episode animated mini-series called Lego Jurassic World: Legend of Isla Nublar that takes place before both of the Jurassic World movies. It’s a thinly-veiled attempt to sell more toys, but I’m totally fine with that since one of the sets features Jurassic Park’s much-loved T-rex battling a robotic doppelgänger. Did Lego somehow find a trove of my childhood drawings? Read More >>

Lego’s Latest Big Idea is a Mixed Reality Ghost-Hunting Theme Called Hidden Side

Lego's never been one to shy away from trying to use technology to innovate, whether that involves developing its own video games, tinkering with augmented reality playsets, or simple things like offering digital instructions to people who want them. Now it's trying to turn kids into miniature Derek Acorahs, with a range of mixed reality products that blend physical playsets with app-based gaming. Read More >>

This Animated Lego Fan Film Is as Good as the Official Movies

Has the winter weather made it difficult for you to pop out to the cinema to catch The Lego Movie 2? Eventually the flakes will stop falling, but until they do, Nukazooka’s excellent fan film Lego: The Great Escape will tide you over with characters, animation, and a story that’s just as entertaining as the official movies. Did we also mention there’s a cat? Read More >>

There are Three More Lego Movie 2 Sets on the Way

The Lego Movie 2 has only been in cinemas for a few days, but that's still long enough to reveal some new sets featuring various more-spoilery sections of the story. Three new ones are on the way, ready for release sometime this spring, so let's take a look. Read More >>

Many People Told Lord & Miller Not to Make a Lego Movie Sequel, Even the Film’s Eventual Director

The director of The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part didn’t think anyone should make a sequel to The Lego Movie. And he wasn’t the only one who felt that way. Read More >>

New BrickHeadz Are Coming For The Lego Movie 2

There's not long at all to wait before The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part hits cinemas and We. Are. Excited. Read More >>

The Lego Movie 2 is Taking Over ITV’s Ad Break This Saturday

The Lego Movie 2 isn't out until next week, but the marketing campaign is still working hard to try and get your bums in cinema seats. Now the film is set to take over an entire ITV ad break this weekend, complete with Lego versions of normal adverts. Read More >>

‘Welcome to Apocalypseburg’ is a Grand Lego Movie 2 Set With Something for Everyone

Lego releases a lot of sets every year, of varying sizes and price points, but a few of them come out and have to make you think. You can't just impulse-buy a £280 set the same way you might a pick up something smaller and cheaper. Even if it is shaped like the Statue of Liberty in Planet of the Apes. I'll tell you right now that the latest one is worth at least a second thought. Whether you're into Lego for building, playing, or displaying, The Lego Movie 2's 'Welcome to Apocalypseburg' (70840) has something for you. Read More >>

Chris Pratt Will Serve Coffee At London’s Pop-Up Lego Café

As every caffeine addict knows, everything is decidedly Not Awesome until you've had your coffee. Read More >>

It’s Lego Star Wars’ 20th Anniversary This Year, and There Are Special Sets on the Way

It may be surprising to hear that Lego Star Wars didn't exist until 1999. Lego itself was founded 87 years ago, and the humble bricks turn 61 this year. But until The Phantom Menace the two had never come together. Since this year is 2019 it means Lego Star Wars is about to turn 20, and to celebrate it looks like Lego is releasing a bunch of special anniversary sets. Read More >>

The Lego Movie 2 Somehow Lives Up to Its Impossible Expectations 

The first Lego Movie is so good there’s a chance you don’t remember just how good it was. Not only did it tell a smart, hilarious, original story with a wildly famous IP, but it was filled with heart, eventually revealing itself to be a deeper story of a boy and his father bonding and the nature of the toy brand itself, as both a child’s plaything and an adult collectable. The movie is legitimately genius. Read More >>