Grown-Ass Men Denied Entry to Lego Playground, Say It’s a Human Rights Violation

Australia got its first Legoland Discovery Center this week in Melbourne, but some Lego fans aren’t too happy about it. A handful of adult men are pissed off that the Playground area is restricted to children. And one is even threatening to file a human rights complaint. Read More >>

It Took Half a Million Bricks to Build Legoland’s New Death Star

Even with gigantic stadia dotting the earth, it’s hard for us to imagine just how massive the Empire’s Death Star really was. Over in California’s Legoland they recently added a scale model of the Death Star to its collection, and using around half a million bricks it still ended being only about eight-feet in diameter. It’s no wonder the Emperor didn’t build with Lego. Read More >>

A Cheap Trip to Magical Funlands is Your Enjoy-the-Sun-While-It’s-Here Deal of the Day

The sun is shining so let's start thinking about getting out and about while it's here. We can carefully try and gauge when the six or seven days of summer might be and plan our outings accordingly. Read More >>