Why Do Laptop Makers Have Such Terrible Websites

It’s Black Friday, and you have read all the great reviews, enjoyed the plentiful buyer’s guides, and now you’re ready to pull the trigger a freaking laptop. Only when you go to the website of Dell, HP, Lenovo, or nearly any other laptop maker, you find yourself in a hellscape. Read More >>

This Is the Laptop You Should Buy Right Now

We’ve reviewed a tonne of laptops and played around with even more. Whether you’re looking for a cheap device or a powerful gaming machine, we’ve combed through our archive to pick the very best portable computer for you. Read More >>

The Lenovo Yoga Just Keeps Getting Better

Lenovo’s line of Yoga laptops is well known and liked for the clever hinges that allow the devices to smoothly transform from a regular clamshell with a decent keyboard to a thick tablet. In particular, the Yoga made a name for itself with a slick “watchband” hinge that looks more like a fancy piece of jewellery than the widget connecting the two halves of a laptop. With its latest model the Yoga the 13.9-inch C930 (not to be confused with the 10.8-inch dual display Yoga Book C930), the company is trying something entirely new with the hinge by building in speakers. It’s a lot smarter than it sounds (although it sounds nice too). Read More >>

Lenovo’s Dual-Screen Yoga Book Is Painfully Close to a Breakthrough

Laptops haven’t changed much since 2012. Sure, they’re a bit sleeker, more powerful, and have slightly better battery lives. But after Microsoft conjured up the original Surface with its kickstand and detachable keyboard in 2012, it’s largely been five plus years of iterative improvements. That doesn’t mean companies aren’t trying though, because if you’ve been paying to systems like Apple’s MacBook Pro with Touch Bar or Asus’ ZenBook Pro 15 with Screenpad, all these companies are working towards the same thing: a dual-screen laptop. But even when considering Apple and Asus’ efforts, the company that’s currently the closest to achieving this is Lenovo, and with the new Yoga Book C930, it feels like Lenovo is so close to a breakthrough. Read More >>

“We Are Working on Foldable 5G Phones,” Says Huawei CEO

It's been reported that just about everyone is working on a foldable phone at the moment, from Samsung to an LG-Lenovo partnership. Now, Huawei has confirmed rumours that it also intends to release a fold-up phone – and it'll be 5G-capable. Read More >>

LG and Lenovo Teaming Up to Rival Samsung’s Foldy Phone: Report

There's been a lot of excitement about the folding phone Samsung is reportedly planning among smartphone enthusiasts, but it seems the other brands are taking notice too. Read More >>

Lenovo’s Been Teasing a Foldable Phone of its Own

From the looks of things bendy phones are going to be the next big gimmick in the smartphone industry. Not only has Samsung been working on one of its own for what seems like forever (ready to launch sometime later this year, according to execs), other companies have been joining the fray. The latest seems to be Lenovo, which has been teasing a folding device with a video of the thing in action. Read More >>

star wars
Kylo Ren Comes to Lenovo’s AR Jedi Challenges

Last year, Lenovo released its Mirage headset and with it a piece of software that allowed everyone to live out their greatest fantasy: becoming a Jedi. Jedi Challenges is essentially a smartphone app, but coupled with the augmented reality technology that the Mirage headset facilitates, it can create holographic images that display in the real world. With the lightsaber accessory bundled with the headet, it means you can fight 'real' lightsaber battles, along with a few other gimmicks bundled into the software (Holochess and strategic combat planning). Read More >>

The New Lenovo Yoga Book’s Second E-Ink Display Is a Refreshingly Neat Idea

You wanted to love the original Lenovo Yoga Book. It had a pretty display, and its keyboard doubled as a pad for pen input, which besides just being neat also allowed it to be one of the thinnest laptops available at .38 inches. Plus, it cost just £450. But the original Yoga Book was profoundly flawed and not a good buy for anyone beyond gadget nerds with extra cash. The new .39-inch Yoga Book C930, with a second e-ink display, is so outrageously neat that you could find yourself rooting for it despite its high price tag. Although UK pricing has yet to be announced, the Yoga Book C930 will retail for $1,000 (£768) in the US and €999 in Europe, so prices here may well start somewhere around £1,000. Read More >>

Lenovo Wades into the Smarthome Gold Rush with Some Very Cheap and Convenient Gadgets

Along with anything related to smart speakers and voice assistant integration, one of the biggest gold rushes in tech is the rapidly expanding smarthome market. And with companies both new and old trying to find a way in, there’s a lot of a confusion among consumer about which brands are legit. Read More >>

Lenovo’s Slickest 2-in-1 Ditches Its Famous Hinge For Two Hidden Tricks

For the past three years, Lenovo’s flaghip 900-series Yoga 2-in-1s have been some of the best convertibles on the market. They were sleek, powerful, and had way more flexibility than a boring old clamshell, with essentially zero downsides. Thanks to their sophisticated watch-band hinges, Lenovo’s high-end convertibles also had a real sense of style and personality. Read More >>

Lenovo Reckons it’ll be the First Company to Release a 5G-Ready Smartphone

2018 is already on the decline, and as we head into 2019 we have to start thinking about what's going to happen with 5G. The first networks are currently aiming to launch next year, but they'll be absolutely worthless without 5G-capable devices already on the shelves. So phone companies have yet another thing on their to do lists, but Lenovo doesn't want to procrastinate. It reckons it'll be the first company to sell a 5G smartphone. Read More >>

Google and Lenovo’s Smart Display Trounces Amazon’s in Every Way

Despite Amazon having a two-year head start versus Google in the smart speaker wars, earlier this year, sales of Google Home devices surpassed all of Amazon’s Echoes for the first time ever. And while Amazon still holds the overall lead in market share, it’s not hard to see why Google is catching up fast. Compared to Alexa, the Google Assistant is simply smarter, better sounding, and an all-around more helpful AI. However, even with new additions to the Google Home family in 2017 by way of the Home Mini and Max, there are some holes in the Google’s smart speaker lineup – like smart screens. But thanks to the new Lenovo Smart Display, Google now has an answer to the Echo Show, and it’s a damn good retort at that. Read More >>

Motorola’s Making the Cheap Smartphone Even Harder to Resist

Apple and Samsung would have you believe quality smartphones should cost the many hundreds of pounds you must sacrifice to obtain their rarefied devices. But in recent years, the march of time has made that notion obsolete. In 2012, a £200 device was nearly unusable. But now? Sharp screens are cheap, and fast processors are even cheaper. Inexpensive smartphones have been pretty good for years! And so, the £239 Motorola G6 is the latest in the company’s line of devices serving as a harbinger of the inevitable: Pretty good might be good enough for everyone. Sure, it’s missing a few niceties, and looks like a generic slab of plastic, but those faults are easy to ignore for under £300. Did I mention it has a headphone jack? Read More >>

Lenovo’s ‘All-Screen’ Z5 Phone Isn’t What We Were Promised, Has a Notch

Lenovo has been teasing people with the prospect of a proper all-screen phone, ie one that has no notches or bars taking up precious screen space. Now, in news that we really should have seen coming, it turns out those teasers weren't representative of the final product. Lenovo's Z5 does indeed have a notch. Read More >>