Lenovo’s Folding Tablet Prototype Is My Dream Gadget

At Lenovo’s Tech World conference in San Francisco last week, the company showed off Folio, a fully-functional prototype with flexible screen that allows it to transform from a smartphone-sized mobile device to a larger tablet. The idea, of course, is to put the best features of both devices into a gadget you can easily carry in your pocket. Read More >>

Can The Lenovo Yogabook Be The Hybrid Productivity Device Of My Dreams?

The line between laptops and tablets is becoming blurred, but I was a sceptic. How could you possibly do any actual work on a tablet? Why would you want a device which compromises on both form factors to create something that underwhelms for both work and leisure? Read More >>

Everyone Exaggerates Laptop Battery Life Except Apple

A new study from Which? shows what we've all long suspected: many manufacturers hugely overstate how long their laptop batteries last. Read More >>

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Lenovo’s Miix 320 is an Insanely Cheap Windows Laptop 

If you’ve wanted a cheap laptop — especially a cheap convertible tablet/laptop hybrid — Chromebooks have typically been the best option. Sure, we’ve seen some super cheap Windows PCs over the years, but rarely have we seen a sub-£200 Windows convertible. Dell has a low-end 2-in-1, but super-cheap Windows laptops with touch screens are still fairly uncommon. Read More >>

The Moto G5 and G5 Plus Are on the Way

In all the excitement last night, what with the announcement of LG's G6, the new slate of Nokias, and those Samsung tablets, it was easy to miss the fact that Lenovo announced two brand new Motorola phones. Meet the Moto G5 and the originally named Moto G5 Plus. Read More >>

New Lenovo ThinkPads Won’t Burn If You Use the Wrong Charger

Ahead of CES 2017 Lenovo has quietly refreshed its entire ThinkPad line with an update to the slightly faster Kaby Lake processor from Intel. Besides new version of laptops that have honest-to-god DVD players and VGA ports installed, Lenovo also saw all those beautiful gadgets that exploded this year and decided that it would maybe make sure its own laptops don’t go poof like so many Note 7s and Chromebooks. So for next year Lenovo has equipped its refreshed line of ThinkPads with a chip to keep them from exploding due to a bad USB-C connection. Read More >>

The Lenovo Yoga Book is the Future of Laptops, But it’s Missing an Operating System

Lenovo’s new Yoga Book draws the eye like no other tablet or laptop available today. People aren’t always sure what I’m reading my comics or jotting down notes on, but they know it’s fascinating, and tiny, and cool. With its capacitive touch keyboard that turns into a drawing tablet with the press of a button, the Yoga Book is absolutely the future of laptops and tablets, and the blurred space in between. But Lenovo’s thinnest laptop ever also has one major problem in that it only comes in a Windows and an Android flavour. Neither OS is ready for the future Lenovo’s built. Read More >>

Lenovo Yoga Book Wants You To Scribble All Over The Screen

As somebody who still heads into meetings armed with a pen and notepad rather than a gadget, I got the hots for the Lenovo Yoga Book as soon as I clapped eyes on it. The '2-in-1 tablet' – which is basically a laptop -- has a mad feature called the Halo Keyboard, and it’s gloriously weird. Read More >>

The Thinnest Laptop in the World Needs a Touchscreen Keyboard

At IFA in Berlin Lenovo announced a nice array of refreshed laptops and tablets, updating great devices like the Lenovo Yoga 900 series (now the Lenovo 910) with 7th generation Intel processors, but one device stood out among the rest. It’s the tiniest laptop Lenovo has on display, so tiny the company is classifying it as a tablet. The Lenovo Book is just 0.38-inches thick, which makes it the thinnest laptop currently available, and makes ultra slims like the half-inch thick Samsung Notebook 9 and Apple Macbook look positively chunky. Read More >>

The Best 2-in-1s For Every Need

Remember when laptops were laptops and tablets were tablets? Well, those days are gone, replaced with acrobatic foldables, detachables, and liquid-cooled enigmas. Read More >>

Moto Z Droid Review: Too Much Gadget, Not Enough Phone

It’s been nearly ten years since Apple got wacky with a tiny slab of glass and metal that begged to be touched. Now every phone looks the same, and consequently bores us all to tears. Motorola’s Moto Z, with its array of modules and crazy thin profile, isn’t like the other guys. It’s an audacious attempt at answering the biggest question to phone designers and lovers: What is the next evolution? Read More >>

Lenovo Comes Dangerously Close to Perfecting the Convertible Laptop

“Is that a… laptop?” the waitress at a diner near where I live asked (I had taken the Lenovo Yoga 900s with me to get some work done). “Sort of!” I said, quickly bending the screen around to demonstrate the Yoga line’s defining feature: the watchband hinge that converts the device from an ultra-thin laptop to a tablet. The waitress looked on in horror. Read More >>

Moto Z: Everything You Need To Know About the Modular Android Phone

Motorola revealed its latest wares last night, giving birth to the Moto Z and Moto Z Force at Lenovo Tech World. The handsets are pretty much as 2016 as they can possibly be, but we’ll explain what that means slightly further down the page. Here’s everything you need to know about the Moto Z. Read More >>

Google’s Project Tango Phone Is Finally (Finally!) Here

At. Last. The great leap in smartphoning that all us schlubs have been waiting for is here. Point your phone at a wall to measure how wide it is, or choose a table on Wayfair and put it in your dining room to see how it works in the space. Hell, get lost in a mall and find your way out just by bringing your phone to eye level. Project Tango—the spatially aware camera setup from Google—is finally moving out of developers’ hands and reaching consumers. Read More >>

Lenovo Teases a Return for the Motorola Razr Flipper

Lenovo, the current owner of tech hand-me-down Motorola, has released a cryptic video teaser for something or other, with initial analysis of the clunky historical music and imagery suggesting the return of the Razr brand. And there's the fact that everyone in it is using Razrs. Read More >>