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The Beautifully Dull Paradox of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, 40 Years Later

Forty years ago a landmark moment in Star Trek’s history arrived, in the form of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. It’s an important chapter in the series’ survival, the turning point from cancelled cult classic to enduring icon of science fiction. But there is a reason we remember The Motion Picture’s place in history more than we remember The Motion Picture: It’s boring as all hell. Read More >>

These Were Leonard Nimoy’s Spock Ears in The Wrath of Khan

Margaret Weitekamp, the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum's curator of science fiction and space memorabilia, has some thoughts about why Leonard Nimoy and his Spock character were so universally loved. She also published this photo of the ears he used in the Star Trek classic The Wrath of Khan. Read More >>

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Is This the Greatest Star Trek Car Ad Ever?

Old Spock versus new Spock. Nimoy versus Quinto. Yep, Audi knows what it's doing. And even if it's super cheesy, ending with Audi's automated racing car is just brilliant. Hell, I can't even remember what was being advertised it's that good. Read More >>