Guillermo del Toro’s Next Film May Not Have a Creature in it, But it Might Have Leonardo DiCaprio

Guillermo del Toro has been very careful in selecting his follow-up to his Oscar-winning The Shape of Water, but that movie may now be solidified after landing one of the biggest stars in the world. Read More >>

‘The Revenant’ Leaker Faces Three Years in Prison for Copyright Infringement

A chap who copied The Revenant to a USB drive and posted it online has been arrested by the FBI and now faces a prison sentence. William Kyle Morarity seized his chance to do something naughty when he gained access to a disc copy of the movie at his workplace either on or before December the 16th, before making the blockbuster available online “on or about December 17 and 19”. It came out in the US on December 25th. Read More >>

Leonardo DiCaprio and Our Danny Boyle Rumoured to be Working on Steve Jobs Movie

I vote they just give all the roles to Leo. ALL of them. Though talk of everyone's favourite angry-man Christian Bale donning Jobs's round-rimmed frames for the Aaron Sorkin-penned film were tantalising, a Leo and Danny duo sounds like a great move. Read More >>

King of the World! Leonardo DiCaprio Forms His Own Formula E Electric Car Racing Team

Having played dead among the digital wreck of the Titanic and taken to the skies as aviation pioneer Howard Hughes, Leonardo DiCaprio's onscreen roles have seen him as no stranger to vehicular inovation. Life seems to be imitating art then, with The Great Gatsby star today revealed as the co-founder of one of next year's Formula E electric car racing teams. Read More >>