Internet Lessons Should be the Fourth ‘R’ for School Kids

The children should be taught "The Internet" in school according to a report from the House of Lords, as help navigating today's tangled web of lies, racism, fakes, pornography, abuse and YouTube celebrities that incite murder might help them turn out balanced and nice and able to hold down a job. Read More >>

Music Doesn’t Make Your Child Smarter, So Cancel Those Tuba Lessons

Today's research on the poor brains of lab-children has debunked one of the more popular myths about music, with researchers claiming there's no link between early music lessons and a child's later intelligence. Read More >>

New Zealand Has a Dog Driving School

Yes, yes there is. Some people in New Zealand have spent a large amount of time teaching a dog to drive, with Monty the giant schnauzer here able to pull away without stalling. Read More >>