More Dogs Caught Attacking Postmen

Lots of bad boys around the nation have been consistently ignoring the order to get down, as Royal Mail is warning that numbers of dog attacks on its posties are on the rise. Read More >>

Posties Banned From Sticking En-ger-land Flags on Their Vans

The Royal Mail has told its staff of van drivers, trolley pushers and even the village bike-riding delivery person that it's not OK to show support for the England football team during the imminent World Cup, as putting flags and stickers in vans and windows is potentially hazardous. Read More >>

Unfortunate Post Box Incident Ruins Royal Mail’s Shakespearean Celebration

The Royal Mail has been pilloried by the witty ranks of people who comment on the internet, thanks to running a promotion to celebrate the birthday of Shakespeare in which it decorated a post box -- and got a modern day Romeo and Juliet pair to nuzzle in front of it. Read More >>

Scottish Letter Enjoys Month-Long Holiday in Thailand

A letter sent in a remote part of the Scottish Highlands to a business 300m down the road found itself enjoying the sort of secret adventure worthy of a Pixar film, as it was accidentally sent to Thailand and took a month to eventually (bravely) make it back to its intended destination. Read More >>

Posties Bribed to Steal Bank Cards and PIN Letters

The BBC has gone deep undercover into the world of red polo shirts, with an investigation finding that gangs of fraudsters are trying to bribe postmen and sorting staff up to £1,000 a time to nick credit and debit cards and their followup PIN letters while they're in transit to their new owners. Read More >>

Dogs Really do Attack Postmen — Seven Times a Day

The Royal Mail is doing one of those special weeks this week, declaring it Dog Awareness Week. And some of its postmen are extremely aware of dogs indeed, as the postal group says its delivery men and women are subjected to an average of seven dog attacks a day across the country when delivering our exciting packages. Read More >>

Postman Banned From Street Over Water Pistol Standoff

It must be a bit stressful being a postman these days, what with the job now being all about carrying Amazon packages up four flights of stairs to the unresponsive man in flat 17h who never comes to the door in case he misses something happening on the internet, but even so. This is a bit much. Read More >>

South London “Rat Plague” Stopping Royal Mail Deliveries

The Royal Mail has ordered it's posties not to deliver to certain addresses in London Road, Streatham, due to an apparent plague of rats and filth making it too unhealthy to risk walking down. Read More >>

how to
How to Read Text in Binary

Though you might not often need to do it, reading text in binary in surprisingly straightforward. Here's your new nerdy party trick. Read More >>

Design Legend Massimo Vignelli is Very Sick—Send Him a Letter

The man who gave us everything from the NYC subway's signage and map to the American Airlines logo, Massimo Vignelli, is currently spending his last days at home—and his son has an unusual request: Would you send him a note? Read More >>

Ukip’s Freepost Comedy Postal Loophole Closed

Twitter's been alight with humorous tales of the ways in which people have been abusing the Ukip freepost address, using the political party's free postal account to post it bricks, weights and, er, human waste and blood at its own expense. Read More >>

London Post Office Railway Reopening as a Tourist Attraction in 2020

London's Islington council has approved plays by Royal Mail to turn part of its relatively unknown underground postal railway into a tourist attraction, with letter, train and tunnel nerds able to come together to enjoy travelling a remodelled part of the line by the year 2020. Read More >>

70-Year-Old Charles Saatchi Claims Secret Cage Fighting Prowess

We already know he's got a pretty good wrestling choke slam, but it would appear that Charles Saatchi is ready for a proper bout of UFC-style rampage. Boasting of a Fight Club-like secret life as an underground warrior, Saatchi claims he enjoys a good cage fight with the loser usually ending up "battered to bits" -- and he wants a fight. Read More >>

Royal Mail Posties Won’t Deliver by Bike After 2014

The chunky red Pashley Mailstar bicycle used by posties in some of the flatter parts of the country are about to disappear, with the Royal Mail set to remove the remaining 3,000 or so still in use around the UK from service next year. Read More >>

Internet Troublemaker David Thorne’s Excellent Floodlight Revenge

Poor old "funny troller" David Thorne found himself victim of yet another frustrating scenario, when his neighbour installed a terawatt security lamp that illuminated his bedroom with "the light of a thousand suns". So David took the bulb out and put it in his neighbour's post box. More than once. Read More >>