UK Rocked by Lettuce Rationing

The latest threat to the UK way of life is lettuce. A shortage of the flimsy sandwich padding vegetable has been caused by a terrible winter in southern Europe, where most of our winter salad comes from -- so it's now being imported from further afield at great cost and in smaller quantities. Read More >>

Toshiba Turns Floppy Factory into Sterile Lettuce Lab

Tech giant Toshiba is making inroads into the salad industry, using abandoned facilities to farm indoors under artificial lighting. Which means farmers in hairnets and zero chance of finding a slug in your sandwich. Read More >>

Vegetable-Based Computer Processors? Lettuce into Your Secret

A team of researchers from the University of the West of England have put their heads together to find possible new forms of conductors for use in computing sensors and processors. After having no luck with slime mould, they have come up with the idea of using lettuce instead – but of course! Read More >>

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This Weed-Killing Robot Dispatches Dandelions with 98 Percent Accuracy

A prototype weed-seeking automaton could change the way seven billion humans eat, as well as help to end industrial agriculture's reliance on toxic herbicides and itinerant labor. Read More >>