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Musk’s Hyperloop Has Nothing on This Quantum Levitation Race Track

He might have billions of dollars, a company that promises to revolutionise space travel, and an upgraded full head of hair, but Elon Musk’s Hyperloop will never be as cool as this superconducting quantum levitation Möbius strip race track created by students at Ithaca College’s Low Temperature Physics Lab. Read More >>

Whoa, Dude, This Ball Is, Like, Totally Levitating on Sound Waves

Using sound frequencies above the human threshold for hearing, scientists have successfully levitated a two-inch sphere made from polystyrene. Read More >>

These Cancer Cells Are Being Levitated Using Magnets

Magnetic levitation isn’t anything new: you’ve probably seen frogs made to float and maybe even trains hovering above their rails. But now scientists have gained enough subtle control over such forces that they can be used to levitate single cells, too. Read More >>

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Magnetic Levitation Seems Magical in Slow Motion

What do you get if you take some magnets, superconductors, liquid nitrogen and a slow-mo camera with which to film it all? This kind of magical footage is what. Read More >>

Watch These Water Drops Levitate and Form Spinning, Pulsating Stars

If you play around with an ultrasound field for long enough, you can set up standing waves that allow you to levitate water drops in mid-air—but that's only where the fun starts. Read More >>

Watch a Guy Freak People Out By Floating in the Air on a Moving Bus

Though this prank video is an obvious attempt at force inducing viral-ity by Pepsi Max, it's still a pretty fun watch. The magician Dynamo tricks people into thinking he can levitate by 'magically' following a bus around as it moves across London. Watch people freak out when they see him float. Read More >>

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How Many Engineering Students Does It Take To Create a Levitating Glowing Light Bulb?

Just one, as Chris Reigler, an electrical engineering student from the University of Queensland in Australia, discovered. His floating LevLight project could one day revolutionise the way we change burnt out light bulbs, and make thousands of "how many X does it take to change a light bulb?" jokes completely moot. Read More >>