LG G Flex Review: Behind the Curve

The one thing you can say for certain for the LG G Flex is that it commands attention, mostly because it is curved. Beyond that, the questions start flooding in. Why is it curved? Why is its screen so mediocre? Why would you want to buy it? Unfortunately, after using the phone for several days, I still don't have an answer. Read More >>

Here’s the LG G Flex “Healing” Itself

While the curved display of the LG G Flex smartphone may be little more than a novelty, the smartphone's true innovation looks as if it sits elsewhere within its frame -- its "self-healing cover". And this is more than just a party trick -- the G Flex is the mobile equivalent of the X-Men's Wolverine. Read More >>

Watch How LG’s G Flex Smartphone Actually Bends an Alarming Amount

LG recently launched the G Flex, a banana-shaped phone which makes use of a curved OLED screen, and it turns out that it's true to it's name: it seems to bend really rather a lot. Read More >>

LG G Flex Curved Smartphone Is Official and Can Heal Itself…

Samsung's Galaxy Round curved phone was strange enough, but at least its contours made for a phone that would hug your leg more comfortably in a tight trouser pocket. LG's newly officially confirmed LG G Flex however leaves me scratching my head. Read More >>

This Curved LG G Flex Phone Sure Looks Beautifully Bent Up

Here's a closer look at LG's upcoming curved banana phone, known as the G Flex. You can see the curved OLED display curl up like the Galaxy Nexus once did but at an angle that's slightly more dramatic. Read More >>