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How the Apple Watch Compares to its Biggest Competition

The Apple Watch is finally here in what has been one of the longest waits for an Apple device in the company’s history. And like almost every product in that storied produce lineage, the Apple Watch enters the retail world with some stiff competition. Read More >>

LG G Watch Urbane is the “Luxury” Android Wear Device to Fight Apple

The Apple Watch release may be just looming over the horizon, but for those on the hunt for a smartwatch that isn't tied to Apple devices and doesn't look like a dog's dinner, LG has the answer. It's just revealed its latest chip-packed timepiece, the LG G Watch Urbane, looking to court the discerning, style-obsessed dandy. Read More >>

The Next Big Piracy Battle Could be Over Your Smartwatch

Smartwatches enter a wearable realm that have long been dominated by luxury brands like Omega, Mondaine, Swatch, and Armani. It's these same brands that are also none to happy about their own watchfaces slowly spreading throughout the internet. Read More >>

LG G Watch R Review: Worthy of Your Wrist, Even if Android Wear Isn’t

Motorola’s Moto 360 stole the Android Wear spotlight when Google’s smartwatch operating system was first revealed. But it’s not the only tech-filled timepiece to sport a circular display, with this, LG’s G Watch R, hot on its heels just a few months after the Moto 360’s release. Depending on your aesthetic taste, the G Watch R may well be the best smartwatch yet. But just because the hardware is ready, doesn’t necessarily mean that the Android Wear software is too. Read More >>

LG G Watch R Could Hit Wrists on October 14th

The LG G Watch R smartwatch that so impressed us at this year's IFA may be becoming available sooner than anticipated, with several South Korean publications pointing to an October 14th in-store date. [GforGames] Read More >>

LG G Watch R Hands On: Smartwatches Come Full Circle

Love is a fickle thing. When the Moto 360 was revealed alongside the launch of the Android Wear OS, its circular face made it stand out from Samsung and LG's first wearable attempts. But in the initial rush of excitement around the Moto 360, the fact that a lower section of its screen was permanently turned off passed many by. Like catching your sweaty parents having sex, once seen it can't be unseen, burning into that space behind your retinas, with the Moto 360 now appearing like a flat tire. LG's G Watch R, with its fully circular display, is ready to claim your affections in its place. Read More >>

Watch Out Moto 360, LG Has a Gorgeous Android Wear Watch

Motorola's 360 was the first beautiful round Android Wear, but it's certainly not the last. LG is bringing one to the table as well, the LG G Watch R. Not to be outdone, LG's second Android Wear outing has a few fancy special features of its own: No "flat tire" on its screen and a ring of ticks etched around the outside. Read More >>