CES 2019: LG Will Finally Sell That Cool Rollable TV Concept

Two years ago LG Displays showed off a super cool OLED TV that rolled up into its base when not in use, essentially giving you the best of both the TV and projector worlds. Now LG is actually selling a TV based on the technology. The LG Signature OLED TV R will ship later this year. Read More >>

To Make Its Awesome TVs Better, LG is Looking Deep Inside

I’ve been dreading this moment for the last few years. The moment a company would tell me all about its new TV and spend more time on the processor than the display itself. That moment finally came last month when I sat in on a call for LG’s 2018 line up of televisions. While the company will still produce gorgeous OLEDs with some of the best picture quality available, the real distinguishing feature, as LG would have it, is the processor powering the TV. Read More >>

You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Watched Daredevil on LG’s Signature G6 OLED TV

Television, despite what the manufacturers are saying, is in a pretty boring place at the moment. The jump to colour from black and white, to high definition from standard—even the unmitigated failure that was 3D—those were moments in TV history. What we’ve currently got is gentle, natural leaps in picture quality: wider colour gamuts and HDR. Read More >>

LG 4K OLED HDR TVs Will Get Amazon Video Streams in High Dynamic Range

HDR is the TV buzz term at IFA 2015 – you can have all the pixels in the world, but if your telly isn't capable of handling high dynamic range video, you're not hanging with the big boys this year. Read More >>