The Dual-Screen LG V60 Might Be the Sleeper Deal of the Season

While a lot of other phone makers are trying to figure how to get in on the foldable trend, it seems LG isn’t quite ready to try its hand just yet. At least not in the same way. So like last year’s G8X, the new LG V60 is getting dual screens instead of a single display. Read More >>

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LG Pulls Out of Mobile World Congress, Citing Coronavirus Concerns

Mobile World Congress, the biggest phone and wireless industry trade show of the year, is just weeks away, but the coronavirus outbreak is causing at least two companies to put their announcements on hold. Read More >>

Apple and Other Tech Companies Begin Taking Measures to Deal With Coronavirus Outbreak

Apple chief Tim Cook this week said the company is preparing for its production to be affected by an ongoing coronavirus outbreak, and the company is limiting employee travel to the region. Apple joins other tech companies in keeping China travel to only crucial business functions as US health officials warn against non-essential travel in response to the deadly virus. Read More >>

LG’s First Truly Wireless Earbuds Come With a Bacteria-Killing UV Light

Just in the last year, we’ve seen a bunch of big names announcer their first truly wireless earbuds including Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and more. And now it’s LG’s turn to give it a try with its new Tone Free earbuds. Read More >>

Don’t Buy a New TV

The proposition is seemingly simple. A television should show you a moving picture, provide some accompanying sound, and ideally, blend in with your home decor. This has been the case since the invention of TV. This year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, we saw the newest and best TVs. They’re pretty boring, which is weirdly exciting. Read More >>

The Most Disappointing Gadgets of the Decade

For every major leap in technology, there have been plenty of face plants, ill-advised cash grabs, and just plan bad tech. So here are the gadgets and technology that absolutely screwed the pooch. Read More >>

Save £100 on an LG LOUDR Home Cinema System in Another Early Cyber Monday Discount

Black Friday is over, but the Black Friday period is still ongoing. Because Cyber Monday hasn't happened yet, and that means we have two whole days of deals that are still technically Black Friday deals, because that's how retailers do things these day. Today, we have a discount on one of LG's LOUDR home cinema systems. Read More >>

Black Friday Bundle Gets You Free, or Discounted, Sky TV When You Buy a New LG TV

We all love a good deal, and when it comes to buying a TV Black Friday is a good way to find one that's had a few hundred quid knocked off. Just so long as you make sure it's not terrible, and you get stuck with a dodgy device. But what if your new Black Friday television came with a free, or discounted, subscription to Sky TV? Read More >>

LG’s G8X Dual Screen Phone Gives You the Most Screen For Your Money

Back in 2011, the original Samsung Galaxy Note confirmed people had an insatiable appetite for big screens. And just in the last couple years, we’ve had phones with extra long screens, transforming screens, flexible screens, and even wraparound screens. But now with the G8X Dual Screen, LG is hoping to top them all by giving us more display (or should I say displays) for way less money. Read More >>

LG Announces the World’s Lightest 17-Inch Laptop

If you're tired of lugging a heavy laptop around, the new LG gram will be right up your street, weighing in at just 1.34kg. Read More >>

ifa 2019
IFA 2019: The Very Best Stuff We Saw at IFA

Gizmodo took an aeroplane to Berlin this year, searching for some wacky Euro tech at IFA. What we found instead was a handful of incredibly cool gadgets. Sure, we saw some weird stuff, too. But the very best stuff is even more fun. Read More >>

IFA 2019
IFA 2019: What to Expect From the Huge European Technology Show This Week

This week, Gizmodo will be in Germany, drinking beer, mangling Teutonic languages, and covering IFA, the biggest electronics show in Europe. Here’s what you can expect to see based on rumours, pre-announcements, and a little educated guesswork. Be sure to check back for all our coverage through the weekend and beyond. Read More >>

LG’s Dual-Screen 5G Phone is Punishment For Mankind’s Sins

2019 has been the year of the unreleased foldable. Read More >>

LG G8 Review: A Phone That Falls Short of Technological Wizardry

It’s been a while since I’ve used a phone with such wildly different personalities living in the same device, but here were are. On the outside, the LG G8 features a fantastically sleek and minimalist design as good or better than other phones on the market. But on the inside, the G8 dreams of being a technological wizard, combining high-end specs and components with some truly out there features that even LG’s biggest rivals don’t have. It’s a story of a model with futuristic good looks, but with the mind of a mad scientist. And while the former tends to win out, I can’t help but appreciate the latter’s ambition. Read More >>

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LG’s Foldable Phone is So Simple, it’s Almost Boring

Once again, the render-spotting eagles at LetsGoDigital have spotted a patent for a new foldable phone, and once again we're disappointed. Read More >>