Holes Are the New Notches, According to a Recent LG Patent

The notch is going to go down as one of the shortest-lived features in smartphone history, but that doesn’t mean we’re completely done with screen cutouts just yet. In a recent patent filing from South Korea, it seems LG is looking to evolve the notch by turning it into a hole. Read More >>

LG Might Unveil its Own Foldable Phone at CES

Earlier today we saw Royole announce what it says will be the first commercially-available foldable phone. But that's not all the folding phone news for today, because a new rumour claims LG will unveil its own foldable phone at CES in January. Read More >>

“We Are Working on Foldable 5G Phones,” Says Huawei CEO

It's been reported that just about everyone is working on a foldable phone at the moment, from Samsung to an LG-Lenovo partnership. Now, Huawei has confirmed rumours that it also intends to release a fold-up phone – and it'll be 5G-capable. Read More >>

LG and Lenovo Teaming Up to Rival Samsung’s Foldy Phone: Report

There's been a lot of excitement about the folding phone Samsung is reportedly planning among smartphone enthusiasts, but it seems the other brands are taking notice too. Read More >>

Here Are All the Interesting Smartphones Announced at IFA 2018

Held in Berlin, Germany, IFA is a huge mashup of appliances, audio equipment, computers, and sausages, and unlike CES, it’s open to the public. Think Coachella for gadget nerds if you will, but with way better beer. And it’s here that a lot of big Asian and European companies get to show their wares. So we wanted to take a little time to go over all the big phone debuts that happened at IFA 2018. Read More >>

LG is Rolling out Google Assistant to TVs in the UK

We've all noticed that recent trend of AI assistants hitting gadgets, letting you control them with your voice rather than upending the sofa to find the remote for the millionth time. That trend has been extending to TVs the past 12 months or so, and the latest adoptee is LG who have announced TVs in the UK will be getting an update with Google Assistant. Read More >>

LG Doesn’t Stand For ‘Life’s Good’

I've been in South Korea this week checking out a bunch of cool AI and robotics stuff, and I thought I'd share a little nugget of information that I picked up along the way — LG doesn't actually mean 'Life's Good'. Read More >>

Rumour Claims Samsung Galaxy S10 and LG G8 Will Use Fancy Tech to Avoid Notching Their Screens

The latest trend in the smartphone industry is full-screen displays that minimise the bezel and take full advantage of a phone's size. There's still hardware that needs to be positioned on the front, though, so the majority of phone makers have resorted to adding a 'notch' to accommodate sensors, the front camera, an earpiece/speaker grill, and so on. But if the latest rumour is to be believed, Samsung and LG might implement fancy new tech to avoid any sort of notch or bar at the top of their next big phones. Read More >>

LG Is Stealing Its Own Thunder with the V35

The LG G7 isn’t even available yet (it officially goes on sale 31st May), but that hasn’t stopped LG from pushing out another big, expensive phone in the V35. Read More >>

LG’s G7 ThinQ Is Too Clever For Its Own Good

In Fight Club, there’s a scene when after meeting Tyler Durden for the first time, the narrator cracks a joke about how the people you meet on planes are single-serving friends. And then, before even giving his seatmate a chance to respond, he launches into an explanation of his witty turn-of-phrase. But before he can finish, Durden dryly retorts “Oh no, I get it. It’s very clever. How’s that working out for you?” Read More >>

LG G7 ThinQ Hands On: An Unremarkable Android Phone Joining a Sea of Unremarkable Android Phones

In 2018 it's hard to make your brand new smartphone stand out from the crowd. They all have basically the same features: big screens, a variety of biometric security solutions, fancy dual-lens cameras, AI of some sort, and more. The truth is, unless you have the words "iPhone" or "Samsung Galaxy" in your name, nobody really cares unless your device is dirt cheap or does something new and exciting. From what I've seen the LG G7 completely fails to draw attention to itself. Read More >>

Looks Like OLEDs for iPhones Are Still Really Hard to Make

After last year’s delayed iPhone X release, Apple is trying to snag a few extra screens for its 2018 batch of iPhones. Unfortunately, the company is apparently running into trouble with its OLED display manufacturing partners, according to a Wall Street Journal report. Read More >>

Apple’s Newly Rumoured Smartphone Ideas Sound Straight Out of 2013

Now that notches are popping up on just about every new smartphone screen, Apple’s next iPhone will need some new tricks to stand out from its competitors. But if a report from Bloomberg is true, instead of coming up with entirely new ideas, it seems Apple may try to crib some features from a handful of five-year-old devices. Read More >>

This Is the Big Laptop to Buy When All You Care About is Packing Light 

When you pick up the LG Gram 15 for the first time you’re going to find yourself, inexplicably, transported to an Ikea furniture showroom. It’s because the LG Gram 15 is so light. It’s a 15.6-inch laptop that weighs less than a 13-inch Macbook Pro and the body is a made of an alloy that feels like plastic to the touch, and flexes with just a little pressure. So it doesn’t feel like a real computer. It feels fake—a prop for the showroom or maybe a stage. But the LG Gram is a real computer, with real guts that don’t exactly feel comparable to its real competitors. Besides its incredibly low weight the £2,279 LG Gram 15 never quite feels worth its price. Read More >>

A First Look at the Incredible Future of 8K TVs

Do you remember back in the '90s, when high-definition TVs first started to become popular? Seeing that HD for the first time, the sharpness seemed almost impossible compared to existing technology. But this year, several top tech companies showed off 8K screens with 16-times as many pixels as those old 1080p HD TVs. For me, seeing these new super sharp TVs at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) felt like the first time all over again. Read More >>