A Russian Man is Suing Apple for £12k Because He Was ‘Turned Gay’ by an App

Well this is a weird one to kick off the morning. Apparently a man in a two-month long relationship is blaming Apple for his domestic bliss. Read More >>

Researchers Claim They Can Use Face Recognition to Accurately Identify Someone’s Sexuality 

Privacy experts have sounded alarms on face recognition for years. Originally, there were concerns that walking into airports and in public parks meant you were scanned and matched to secret criminal databases. Those fears have since evolved, and now face recognition is a bedrock of predictive technology. Soon, your chances of becoming a terrorist or developing a rare disease could be determined from your face. And our oncoming new-normal of ever-present face recognition technology may also be used to predict sexuality—accurately or otherwise—prompting concerns for queer people in countries where anonymity is key to survival. Read More >>

YouTube Makes 12 Million Videos Accessible in Restricted Mode

In March, LGBT YouTube creators criticised Google for hiding some of their videos in “Restricted Mode,” which filters potentially “mature” content. After initially downplaying the extent of the problem, Google issued a non-apology, then a slightly more apologetic non-apology, and finally posted a fuller actual apology on its blog. In that post, Google acknowledged “this feature isn’t working the way it should” and promised it was “going to fix” the issue. Read More >>

This Code Might Mean No More Dick Pics On The Internet

You know why we need more LGBT people in tech? Dick Code is why. Read More >>

YouTube’s Restricted Mode is Hiding Some LGBT Content

Anyone who’s ever visited YouTube and ventured into the comments knows that the site struggles with how to deal with offensive content, and now it seems one of its content filtering features might have gone a bit too far. Over the past few days, several LGBT vloggers have accused YouTube of hiding their material through the “Restricted Mode” feature. Read More >>

the grand tour
The Real Story Behind the Pedestrian Crossings in Trafalgar Square, As Discussed on Episode 4 of The Grand Tour

If you tuned into Episode 4 of The Grand Tour, then you'll have seen Clarkson, Hammond and May express their bemusement at a series of pedestrian crossings around Trafalgar Square, in which the "green man" has been replaced with a bunch of symbols representing different sexualities. Here's the designs: Read More >>

star trek
George Takei Tried to Convince the Team Behind Star Trek Beyond to Not Make Sulu Gay

While the creative team — and the man currently playing Hikaru Sulu, John Cho — of Star Trek Beyond may have decided that including a scene of Sulu with his same sex partner wasn’t a big deal, George Takei had a different response. Read More >>

Facebook Deleted a Transfeminine Rapper’s Post About The Orlando Shooting

Facebook is getting slammed for twice removing transfeminine rapper Michete’s post expressing solidarity with the Orlando massacre victims. The post was shared thousands of times on the network until Facebook abruptly deleted it. The company also banned the rapper from the network and sent him a notification that bafflingly included a warning about transmitting underage porn. Read More >>

Germany Has Ordered Facebook to Allow Fake Names

The issue of using fake names on Facebook has been long-raging. But for Germany, the case seems pretty clear: a national privacy watchdog has told Facebook that it may not prevent the use of fake names. Read More >>

London Now Has a Gay Bus

Transport for London has painted up one of its fleet of buses in rainbow colours, to celebrate all the many and various ways the people of the capital do their sex. Read More >>

Why Facebook Is Turning Purple Today

If you see a lot of purple on Facebook tomorrow, don't worry, it's not because Facebook got hacked by Barneynonymous. Instead, Facebook and sites like Yahoo and Tumblr are turning purple tomorrow to take a stand against bullying. Read More >>

"Is My Son Gay?" Is One Aggressively Sad Android App

If you think your son's sexuality can be determined through any means other than actually having a meaningful, face-to-face conversation, then you need to waste your money on the "Is My Son Gay" French Android App. Read More >>