Double-capacity Batteries Could be Here by 2017

One of the thousands of teams across the world investigating the trillion-dollar problem that is increasing battery capacity says it's made a substantial breakthrough, one that manages to squeeze twice the capacity into the same space of current cells -- and it uses a simple tweak of existing lithium technology so can be incorporated into existing production lines. Read More >>

New Lithium Battery Triples Capacity and Charges Fully in Just Ten Minutes

The number one technological hurdle separating humanity from the Jetson Future we deserve is developing a reliable power supply. Even today, we're barely even able to keep out phones alive through the evening commute. But a radical departure in Lithium ion battery technology could help keep our power-hungry gadgets online for days, not hours. Read More >>

Carbonised Li-Ion Batteries Can Charge 100 Times Quicker

While lithium-ion batteries are the best we have, they often take an awful long time to charge. Now, though, a team of researchers has developed a new battery manufacturing technique which can cut charge time from hours to minutes. Read More >>

3M’s Silicon Anodes Could Boost Gadget Battery Life by 40 Per Cent

Graphite is a common choice for anodes in Li-Ion battery systems but doesn't store much charge for its bulk. However, 3M's newly-devised electrode could boost battery life and replace the soft-carbon material for good. Read More >>

The Electric Skateboard Built to Ride Like a Skateboard

Powered skateboards have been around since the early 90's, but they've always seemed to require extra components — from handheld throttles to Microsoft Kinect-based sensor arrays — that could never quite capture the feel of a conventional deck. The ZBoard, with an electric drivetrain and weight-sensor control system, could be the first to actually pull it off. Read More >>