Julian Assange Says Chelsea Manning Was Granted Clemency To Make Assange Look Like a Liar

Julian Assange has shown himself to be a huge fucking idiot over and over again. But he really outdid himself this time, all while screaming “I’m not an idiot!” on Australian TV yesterday. Read More >>

Lying Is the Wrong Way to Raise Awareness About Climate Change

Climate change scientist Peter Gleick has admitted on The Huffington Post that he lied about his identity to acquire information about a movement to deny climate change. Way to do more harm than good for your cause, jerk. Read More >>

Intel Caught Faking Ultrabook Gaming Demo

This video shows proof that Intel faked their CES 2012 ultrabook gaming demo. Instead of using the real racing game, Mooley Eden pretended he was driving a car while in fact he was just moving the wheel while a video was playing. Read More >>

Why It’s So Easy to Lie on the Internet

There was a delightful story floating around this week about a humongous poop tattoo rendered on some drunken cheating girlfriend's back. It's fake, of course. It's always fake. The internet is Lucy holding a football, and even in the weird online world of immediate and crippling skepticism, we want to believe that this time we're really going to kick that urban myth right through the uprights. Read More >>