US Congressman to Facebook: Your Digital Currency Could Be Worse Than 9-11

Facebook’s new digital currency, Libra, has the potential to be worse than the September 11th attacks. At least that’s what Democratic Congressman Brad Sherman of California said at a House Committee on Financial Services Hearing in Washington, D.C. Read More >>

Facebook’s Libra Project is Getting Hammered From All Sides

Facebook’s already-troubled Libra cryptocurrency project, which has already run into significant opposition among the U.S. House Committee on Financial Services and the Senate Banking Committee, is running headlong into further resistance from regulators. Read More >>

UK Regulator Says That Facebook Isn’t Going to Swan Through Regulatory Checks for Libra

Zuckerberg's bid to take over the world is going to see him have to jump through a few hoops first, as the UK watchdog does a lot of posturing to reassure the public that Libra will be subject to regulatory checks. Read More >>

Facebook Co-Founder Says Libra Will Empower Corporations and Weaken Developing Countries

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How the Cryptocurrency World Is Responding to Facebook’s Libra

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