Behold This Disastrously Bad Op-Ed Calling for Amazon to Replace Libraries

For those who have remained blissfully off of Twitter, a site that remains uncomfortably popular with sociopaths and morons like me, the “ratio” is when a tweet is so bad that the number of retweets and favourites it accrues becomes greatly outnumbered by hostile replies. It is one of the few beautiful things about the site, a poisonous rose growing on polluted soil, or at least an injoke that hasn’t been completely run into the ground yet. Read More >>

Council Closes Libraries to Cut Costs, Spends So Much More Just Guarding Them

Libraries, those buildings that are so great for napping, perving on intellectual members of the opposite sex and reading Harry Potter in, are closing at an astonishing rate in the UK thanks to budget cuts and subsequent staffing issues. However, new figures show that, in a couple of cases at least, it’s been costing more to shut the doors than to keep them open. Read More >>

These Minimalist Posters of Famous Libraries Want to Hang on Your Wall Just Beside the Bookshelf

Libraries are magical places, and even the smallest local branch over the corner deserves your attention, and you should pay a visit regularly. Artist André Chiote believes in the power of libraries, and has put together an astounding set of posters to celebrate their importance. Read More >>

UK Libraries Are Closing at an Astonishing Rate

Whisper it, but libraries may soon become rare, special buildings people travel miles and miles to visit during the holidays. Hundreds of libraries across the UK have closed over the past six years, with 7,933 jobs -- a quarter of the overall total -- disappearing in the process. Read More >>

Sydney is Getting the Library of the Future

The city of Sydney is setting up a new library inside a building that looks, depending on who you ask, like a stack of plates, a spaceship taking off, or a cyborg hairdo. The library will occupy two floors, and will house a lot more than just books. Read More >>

Scotland Resurrects the Concept of the “Library”

Scottish ministers have approved an £80,000 fund to pay to test a weird new idea, one which would see all children issued with "library cards" that would allow them to take "books" out of places called "libraries" without even paying for them. What a mad idea. Is it April Fool's day? Read More >>

The Race to Digitise Iraqi History Before Islamic State Can Get to It 

Like so many bully regimes before it, the so-called Islamic State (IS) has a talent for propaganda. A big part of that effort is documenting the destruction of everything from architecture to historical artefacts, even if they’re unwittingly destroying replicas. In Iraq, the cultural heritage is real — and so is the threat. Read More >>

BT Threatens to Rip Apart Pop-Up Phonebox Library Over Health and Safety Worries

A local phonebox in Banbury is currently at the epicentre of a health and safety war, with BT demanding some DIY shelving and a handful of books are removed from inside it in case someone gets killed or critically injured by a falling hardback or offended by the morals of a copy of the Guardian. Read More >>

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A Glimpse Inside the Hidden Vault Where Harvard Keeps Millions of Books

Harvard's flagship library, Widener, is an imposing granite cube built quite literally as shrine to the book. A central alcove cuts through the stacks to show off a prized relic: an original Gutenberg bible. But this is not the heart of Harvard's libraries. No, that would be its cold storage site, an anonymous concrete building few students or even faculty know about. Read More >>

You Won’t Be Able to Find a Book in This Beautiful New Library

You're looking into Florida Polytechnic University's new library. Light, bright, beautiful curves and... there's not a single book on its shelves? Read More >>

Harvard Really Does Have a Book Bound in Human Skin

Last April brought disappointing (but relieving?) news that a book long suspected to be bound in human skin in Harvard's library was, in fact, bound in sheepskin. Nothing here, move along, right? But no! Now Harvard has confirmed, for the first time ever, one of its other books is indeed sheathed in human skin. Read More >>

British Library Sticks 1,200 Musty Classics Online

The British Library has digitised 1,200 of the country's "greatest literary treasures" and stuck them online, in a Victorian rarities archive that includes weird stuff like criminal slang from the early 1800s and notebooks written by the Brontë sisters as children. Read More >>

Navigate by Barcode and Never Get Lost Again

Libraries have terrible maps; supermarkets and department stores have bad signage; all of them have a built-in system for navigation that we don't use: barcodes. Read More >>

£33m Monument to Newspapers Opens at British Library Today

The British Library's new reading room is now open for business at the St Pancras building, with the Newsroom opening up access to the library's full archive of papers. A staggering 750m pages from papers and magazines are contained inside, along with 4.8m pages from web sites. Read More >>

The Roof of This Sloped Library Doubles as an Awesome Slide

Imagine how much easier it would be to get kids excited about going to the library if the library itself doubled as a playground. That's exactly what's happened in an earthquake-ravaged village in China's Yunnan Province. The town's new library doubles as a community centre with a slide on top. Read More >>