Birmingham’s Posh Library is “Useless” as Some Books are Unreachable

Those with library cards in the Birmingham area claim the city's glorious new library is a classic example of form over function, with users saying some reference books are stored out of reach due to designers of the £190m building not really caring about the visitors. Read More >>

Scientific Data Is Disappearing All the Time

When a study gets published and its results enter our collective body of scientific knowledge it feels like it's there to stay. But without the raw data behind the study, it's hard to revisit the research and use it to take new ideas to the next level. Which is why it's such a problem that old data is disappearing. Read More >>

Girl Leaves Laptop Open in Quiet Library, Porn Plays at Full Volume, Mortification Ensues

We all watch porn. We all like porn. We don't all need to watch the porn we like in the library. In fact, we should never, ever, not ever try to — not even with headphones and in a distant corner of the stacks — because inevitably your cans will come unplugged and all of a sudden it's Ooooh! OH! Unnng Unng... YES! and you're mortified to the point of physical and emotional paralysis. And you're slamming your laptop to pieces just to get it to shut up and stop playing your fave [insert fetish of choice here] clip. Read More >>

Phone Boxes Reincarnated As Bookshelves Finally Make Phone Booths Useful

If you pay close attention to the streets of any city, you might notice the boxy, armored shields that house telephones. Yes! Phone boxes still exist. Of course no one ever uses them because everyone has a mobile phone but yet they still stand, like unwavering artificial trees. But what if we convert phone booths to bookshelves? Hmm... Read More >>

British Library Launches Online Archive of 19th Century UK Newspapers

Local newspapers from around the year 1800 onward have been digitised and stuck online by the British Newspaper Archive, taking us back to the days when front pages were heavier on the text than celebrity gusset photographs. Read More >>

People Are Hating on the British Library For Hooking Up With Amazon

You can just imagine that the British Library was feelin' all good 'n service-y when it decided to include Amazon hyperlinks to its list of 13 million books and texts on its website -- but instead, they're under fire for supporting online shopping instead of small indies and local libraries. Read More >>