An Obsolete Law Prohibits SpaceX From Broadcasting Videos From Space

During the March 30 webcast of a Falcon 9 launch, video of the ascent was abruptly cut off at the nine minute mark, with SpaceX officials saying it did so to fall in line with government restrictions. Weird, right? What’s even weirder is that an obscure, decades-old law is now suddenly being enforced. So what gives? Read More >>

Samsung Legal Mistake Breaks Apple/Nokia Patent Secrecy Pact

Samsung's found itself in an odd new legal battle, after it infuriated Apple and Nokia by circulating secret details of a patent deal between its two rivals to around 90 of its staff. Read More >>

Android Licensing Money Saving Microsoft’s Mobile Bacon

Further analysis of Microsoft's latest financial figures show a surprise boost for its Windows Phone division, with phone sales apparently contributing an enormous $1.2bn (£790m) to the company. However, it's likely the lion's share of that comes from... Android patents. Read More >>

MS Office 2013 Locked to One Computer, Even If It’s Nicked or Broken

This year's regeneration of Microsoft's Office tools will be locked to one computer. Once you've used your special activation password thing to activate it on one computer, that's it. No transfers, no hard drive upgrades, no shuffling it onto the laptop. Read More >>