China Is The Worst For Stealing Photos, Study Finds

An analysis of image theft on the internet found that China is the worst for nicking other people's images and using them without permission. Read More >>

GoPro Wants to Help You Turn Awesome Videos Into Cold, Hard Cash

Do you create stunning videos with your action camera? Videos where you soar through a canyon at death-defying speeds, or “ride” your tiny model trains? GoPro wants to license those videos to advertisers looking for premium footage, and pay you for the privilege. Read More >>

Indie Labels Complain to European Commission About YouTube’s Pushy Tactics

The Worldwide Independent Network, a trade body that looks after the interests of indie record labels, has complained to the European Commission about the way YouTube wants to force independent labels to sign up to its forthcoming music service. Read More >>

How I Became Gaming’s Most Popular and Anonymous Photographer

I'm a very accomplished photographer. My photos have been in magazines, newspapers, textbooks, blogs, online videos, television and any other medium that you can think of. My work has been seen by millions and will be one of the most important resources for the history of video games. The only catch is that I'm almost never credited and don't get paid for it. Read More >>

Ofcom’s Looking at Letting All the Networks Broadcast 4G on Existing 2 and 3G Spectrum

Following EE's 1800MHz 2G to 4G licence swap, Ofcom's been reviewing current mobile network licensing. It seems the UK mobile regulator has come to the conclusion there's no reason other network providers can't do the same. Could we suddenly see a load more 4G networks before the official 4G auction finishes? Read More >>

The New MySpace Is Already In Trouble For Peddling Tunes It Doesn’t Have the Rights For

The new Myspace, risen from the social media ashes like some kind of a semi-relevant phoenix from the 00s, has already hit its first snafu. It turns out that the site—totally centred around music—might not have secured the right rights. And there's a whole army of small record labels who aren't pleased. Read More >>

HTC: No Way are We Paying Apple £5 Per Phone

Earlier this month it was announced that Apple and HTC reached a patent settlement which would see the Taiwanese phone manufacturer enter into a 10-year licensing agreement. Now, HTC has firmly quashed rumoured figures which suggested they'd pony up $8 (£5) to Cook and co for every Android handset it sold. Read More >>

Say Goodbye to Qualcomm’s Magic Mirasol Displays

Qualcomm announced that it's shutting things down in the Mirasol screen department. The e-reader displays, which can show colour and can be read in direct sunlight, were apparently too difficult to manufacture and install in tablets. Read More >>

The UK’s Getting Screwed Out of Google’s Nexus 7 Magazines, Music and TV Shows

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the UK isn't going to get every wonderful thing Google showed off with its new Nexus 7 tablet. The UK simply won't get Google Play's fancy new library of magazines, music and TV shows. Read More >>