valentines day
Forgot to Book a Valentine’s Day Restaurant? Lidl’s Got You Covered

Despite January having taken ten billion actual years to finish, somehow February 2020 is going at a ridiculous pace. Which means quite a few people didn't realise until today that it's Valentine's Day, and they are way too late to get a good table at a fancy restaurant. Read More >>

Lidl Hosts Sensory Deprivation Wine Tasting Evening

Lidl wants to prove something about how affordable wines aren't all that bad any more, and has decided the best way of doing this is through a series of wine-tasting events that take place in the dark. As if the colour of the wine is any sort of clue. Read More >>

Lidl is Selling Reusable Bags for Your Fruit and Veg to Help Cut Down on Plastic Waste

Lidl is joining its supermarket brethren in the fight to reduce plastic waste with reusable fruit and veg bags that are too adorable to pass up. Read More >>

Lidl’s Flavour of the Week Rolls out American Sweets and Snacks Across Its Stores

Lidl is getting you prepped for a big fat American summer so forget working on that beach body and let it all hang out by chowing down on these artery-blocking snacks. Read More >>

Welsh Lidl is Getting Rid of Bags for Life Because People Only Use Them Once

After banning its 5p reusable plastic bags in 2018, Lidl has announced its Welsh branches will also be jettisoning the 9p bags for life, because people are using them like 5p bags instead of switching away from plastic. Read More >>

Two-Thirds of Households Had a Sneaky Whizz Around Aldi and Lidl This Christmas

Stats monitoring supermarket visits over the 12 weeks up to December 30 show the continuing booming of the sexy young German discounter twins, with both Lidl and Aldi growing by around 10 per cent compared with 2017's numbers. Read More >>

German Discount Supermarkets Continue to be the Future of Food Shopping

Aldi and Lidl are the places to be seen this year with a trolley full of bafflingly cheap chocolate and booze that's probably totally fine at getting the job done, as year-on-year market shares for the pair are up more than ten per cent – and the traditional "big four" supermarkets have failed to grow despite their various Christmas adverts. Read More >>

Lidl Fake-Vandalises Posh Supermarket Billboards

Oh now this is clever. Rethink your opinions about the Germans and their senses of humour, as it's an amazing advertising campaign by discounter Lidl in which it pretend-overwrites the pretentious adverts of the supposedly upmarket supermarkets to point out it has cheaper versions of near-identical products. A burn hotter than the one your dad is soon to inflict on the pigs in blankets. Read More >>

Lidl Has a Boring Tools Advent Calendar for Dad or if the Kids Have Been Bad

Boring old men like us need not miss out on the extremely small thrill that is opening a cardboard window every morning to signal the slow coming of the festive reaper to scythe another year off our time remaining, with Lidl revealing it's to stock an advent calendar full of the components of a socket set to gradually build and complete. Read More >>

Lidl’s Backwards Umbrella Folds in on Itself

Forget all these apps we don't need and technical solutions to problems that don't even exist, here's something the country and world as a whole really needs — an entirely new kind of umbrella. Read More >>

Lidl Recalls Tinned Herring Because Labels Don’t Warn They May Contain Fish

Lidl has issued a recall for Nixe-branded Herring Fillets in a Tomato Sauce (a product I've consumed on multiple occasions) because the tins don’t warn English-speaking customers that the product may contain fish. It’s a ludicrous lawsuit waiting to happen, thanks to the Food Standards Agency. A far cry from the good old days when cartons of cigarettes were plastered with endorsements from doctors. Read More >>

Eh? Wonga, Ryanair and Tesco Are Some of the UK’s Most Improved Brands

We shit you not. Despite Tesco’s long, long list of problems and the fact that everyone hates Wonga and Ryanair, the companies appear to have gone up in our estimations. According to the YouGov BrandIndex, the British public have heard a lot more positive things about the three firms of late, so they're being rewarded with a bit more positive press. Read More >>

Lidl Replacing Checkout Counter Sweets With Dreaded Oatcakes

Hold out a Double Decker in front of me and a bag of dried fruit, and I'll eat the chocolate and the hand that was holding it over the withered, mummified berries every time. Lidl, what have you done? Read More >>

Budget Lidl Whisky Getting Booze Experts Drunk With Delight

Next time you're shamelessly picking up a trolley full of cheap Polish chocolate down at your local Lidl be sure to grab a bottle of Scotch at the same time, as connoisseurs say the chain is stocking an absolute classic of a single malt. Read More >>