Simulated Mission in Chilean Desert Shows How a Rover Could Detect Life on Mars

By using the barren Atacama Desert in Chile as a stand-in for Mars, researchers have shown that it’s possible to use an autonomous rover-mounted drill to detect life beneath a desolate surface. Encouragingly, the test resulted in the discovery of a resilient microorganism – exactly the kind of creature that could lurk deep beneath the Martian surface. Read More >>

Decolonising Mars: Are We Thinking About Space Exploration All Wrong?

Interplanetary travel is pitched to us as a good thing. Explorers will visit other planets, which settlers will then colonise. But colonisation on our own planet led to the genocide and displacement of cultures and people, economic inequity, and the destruction of environments. What lessons from Earth’s colonialist tragedies can we apply to our interplanetary future? Read More >>

NASA’s Mars 2020 Rover Will Land in Jezero Crater

NASA has announced the landing location of its upcoming Mars 2020 rover: Jezero Crater. Read More >>

Spacecraft Spots Signs of Standing Body of Water Under Martian Surface

After decades of debate, scientists have spotted hints of liquid water trapped beneath the planet’s south polar ice cap. Read More >>

Two New Papers Offers Clues to Mars’ Weird History

As far as humans are concerned, Mars has two stories. One is in the present: We’re trying to send our ships and our astronauts to the Red Planet in order to understand what it’s like today. But much of that work is meant to tell a second story — what the planet used to be like. Read More >>

Curiosity Has Discovered Something That Raises More Questions About Life on Mars

Everyone from David Bowie to astrobiologists to tinfoil hat believers has pondered the question: is there life on Mars? While we’ve found direct evidence of liquid water on the Red Planet, we have yet to find any microbes there. But not all hope is lost—new discoveries from NASA’s Curiosity rover have brought forth more compelling evidence of habitability on Mars. I mean, in theory, all that life has been dead for billions of years, but still. Read More >>

Astronauts Finally Tested Their Alien Detecting DNA Sequencer in Space

They haven’t found alien life out there yet, but following the first successful in-space DNA sequencing, astronauts have a better way to look for it. Read More >>

Curiosity Discovers a Giant Lake Once Suitable for Life on Mars

The possibility that Mars was once home to all kinds of life is looking better and better with each new Curiosity discovery. According to newly published research, the rover has stumbled across a site in the Gale Crater that scientists believe might have once been a lake full of life. Read More >>