Scientists Discover Nearby Planet That May Have the Best Prospects for Life Yet

When scientists discovered an Earth-like planet orbiting our closest star, Proxima Centauri b, Gizmodo said it could have been the discovery of the century. But today, scientists are announcing a new exoplanet only 11 light years away that could be even more important. Read More >>

Life As We Know Could Have Come From Algae on Steroids

What was life really like here on planet Earth before animals were big enough to leave fossils behind? How did living things turn from dinky capsules of genetic material into the intelligent, complex organisms that do things like fart and type curse words into posts on the internet? Scientists think they’ve found the answer... in algae steroids. Read More >>

Why the Alien From Life Should Actually Scare You

Daniel Espinosa’s highly anticipated sci-fi thriller, Life, isn’t just 2017's answer to Alien—it’s much scarier. Unlike most movies in the genre, Life is terrifying because it taps into legitimate concerns about contaminating Earth that even NASA, ESA, and other space agencies haven’t entirely figured out—the fear that in our longing to discover alien life, we bring something back to our planet that could destroy it. Read More >>

Life Is the Next Great Leap Forward for Science Fiction Horror

Most of the people interested in seeing Life, the astronaut thriller out on March 24th, probably have certain expectations based on the movie’s familiar premise: human beings encounter extraterrestrial organism, terrifying things ensue, just as in Alien, Predator and other classics. But while that most basic plotline does describe what happens—Life is the smartest, sharpest version of man vs. ET to come along in a long while. Read More >>

Poor? Never Mind, You’ll Die Quicker

Worried about bills? People mocking your 18-month-old telephone? Holes in your trousers that weren't put there on purpose by an Indonesian fabric worker? No idea where the money to pay for the next bicycle delivery of bespoke bakery products is going to come from? You're not alone, but the good news is that you'll die sooner so the misery of being poor will all be over quicker. Read More >>

Viruses May Be Responsible For Life As We Know It

You probably know viruses as the demons behind your nasty cold, the not-quite-living monsters that infiltrate cells and plug in their own genetic material. But the horrible little buggers might have been crucial to forming the cells in our own bodies today. Read More >>

Horrifying Worm Larva Is Basically a Disembodied Head

Good news, everyone: Biologists have discovered a species of marine worm that, when still in its larval stage, is nothing more than an algae-gobbling, disembodied head. Read More >>

GALAXY S4 Active
31 is the Age by Which You Should Have Achieved Something

A survey that asked people compiling their CVs at what point they really ought to have done something with their lives has pinpointed the age of 31 as being critical for our expectations of ourselves, as that's when people, the poor, unrealistic, dreaming people, think they should be married and owning a house. Read More >>

Astronauts Finally Tested Their Alien Detecting DNA Sequencer in Space

They haven’t found alien life out there yet, but following the first successful in-space DNA sequencing, astronauts have a better way to look for it. Read More >>

NASA’s Next Mars Rover Intensifies Hunt for Extinct Martian Microbes

NASA's having another go at exploring Mars, as if we're not already bored of photos of barren red landscapes, with its unnamed 2020 Mars Rover already deep into development. This time, it'll be targeting rocks with the best chance of revealing ancient Martian life via a complex form of spectroscopy. Read More >>

Scientists Recreate Primordial Soup of Early Creation

Researchers from The Scripps Research Institute who are longing for the simpler times of four billion years ago claim to have recreated the early conditions that triggered life on earth. In the lab. They're playing No Man's Sky for real. Read More >>

How Genetic Engineering Will Change Everything

The future is going to be genetically modified. That means the future could be disease-free, with babies designed in labs by parents who live in a world where ageing has stopped. Or the future might be something else entirely, with state-mandated genetic engineering that turns citizens into super soldiers. Who knows. Read More >>

Scientists Find a Dead Whale and Poke it in Wonder

Scientists nosing about among the Diet Coke bottles, Coop carrier bags and flushed away Lego minifigs at the bottom of the sea have made an interesting discovery -- a nearly-complete whale skeleton that's almost finished decomposing where the creature fell. Read More >>

New Zealand Wants to Kill Off All of its Predators by 2050

Seeking to safeguard the future of its kiwis, parrots, and hobbits, New Zealand has just made the “world first” decision to eradicate all wild predators by 2050. Read More >>

Fresh Evidence Says Our Ancestors Killed Off the Hobbits

The little Hobbity people that survived all alone and holed-up on the island of Flores could have been one of the earliest cases of homo sapien ethnic cleansing, with new findings showing that modern humans and their fancy invention known as FIRE coincidentally arrived on the island at the same time as the little people died out. Read More >>