How to Avoid Your Autocorrect Duck-Ups

You know what’s really ducking annoying? When your phone changes the work “fuck” into “duck” or “fucking” into “ducking.” It happens all the time, and it’s ducking bullshit. Read More >>

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How to Properly Wrap All Your Cables so They Don’t Turn Into a Tangled Mess

Did you know there’s a special way to wrap your cables that not only keeps them neat and tidy, but also makes them perfectly unfurl without tangling when you’re ready to use them? It’s the de facto way to store cables in the video, film, and music industries, and it can also help lengthen the life of all your cords. Read More >>

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Here’s the Best Way to Erase a Hard Drive

The US Government standards are for chumps. With the Molten Copper Overwrite™ even an incomplete destruction of the hard disk will result in an unusable metal puck with no clear way to access the scorched ones and zeros within. Read More >>

The Best Way to Save Your Drowned Phone Isn’t With Dry Rice

We do love a good busted myth. Most of us have long considered a temporary rice burial the best method of reviving a phone you’ve accidentally dropped in water, but a bunch of chaps who have enough money to not really care about potentially damaging their electronics have found a new way. Read More >>

How to Read WhatsApp Messages Without Those Blue Ticks Showing up

Both the best and the worst thing about WhatsApp is the ticks system. Single grey tick: message sent; two grey ticks: message delivered; two blue ticks: message read. Once you've committed to -- or made the mistake of -- opening a message, you have to reply sharpish or risk causing offence. It's a pain, and partly why I’ve grown increasingly rubbish at replying to WhatsApp messages in a timely manner. This will only make me worse. Read More >>

Papoose-Wearing Techno Dad Uses Absurd Laptop Workstation on the Tube

Falling foul of a deadline because your commute to work takes too long? Well, you're just not doing it right. Meet "Techno Dad" (as I've just christened him). Nothing, be it the trials of parenting or public scrutiny, will keep him from his laptop. He is a new Giz office hero. Read More >>

How Many of These Simple Security Tips Do You Actually Use?

The ever helpful folks at Household Hacker have come up with a list of quick and easy security tips to make your life on the Internet a wee bit more secure. Most of you probably already do a lot of this stuff. And if you don't, you should. Even if it makes your life a little bit more annoying, it's also making everything a little more secure. Read More >>

How to Survive On as Little Sleep Possible

Confession: I am both an insomniac and a procrastinator. I don't fall asleep and I wait until the last possible moment to get something done. So I've pulled more all-nighters than anyone I know. Is this smart? No. Is this healthy? No. Has it taken years off of my life? Probably. Read More >>

The Ultimate Annoying Email Deflector Shield

Marketers. Exes. Bosses who somehow got ahold of your personal email address. Sure, you could make a filter or click 'report spam' (as if that actually does anything...), but wouldn't it be better if they just stopped emailing you altogether? Read More >>