Creepiness Won’t Kill the Google Clips Camera

Google introduced a tiny lifelogging camera on Wednesday at its Pixel 2 event. Called Clips, the little device can be held, clipped, or set down while it uses artificial intelligence and facial recognition to “capture beautiful, spontaneous images” of your life. As with most cameras intended to constantly record you, a lot of people’s first instinct was: Holy shit this is creepy. Read More >>

Narrative Is a Lifelogging Camera That’s Finally Happening

In March we covered Memoto, a lifelogging camera that takes two photos a minute while you're wearing it. It was in the preorder stage then and with $500,000 more than expected from its November Kickstarter, it had an ambitious April shipping timeframe. Which obviously didn't happen. BUT now it's actually going to ship on November 1st. For real this time. Read More >>