A Lifetime of Cycling Keeps the Immune System Young, Study Finds

Immortality may be a gift reserved only for the mole rats of the world. But staying highly active into your golden years might just offer the next best thing: a robust immune system that looks decades younger than expected. That’s the finding of a new study published Thursday in the journal Ageing Cell. Read More >>

Why Does This Dumb Worm Live to Be So Damn Old?

Things just don’t seem to die in the deep ocean (well, except for humans). While rockfish around 100 feet below the surface live about 12 years, those living closer to 2500 feet down can live for 200 years. There’s a deep water coral that can apparently live for up to 4,000 years. But there’s one species that seems to live an especially long time, and could rank up there with the oldest: Escarpia laminata, some dumbass tubeworm. Read More >>

Scientists Push Back Against Controversial Paper Claiming a Limit To Human Lifespans

Humans don’t like dying, they don’t like the idea of dying, and most have made not dying an important part of their life. Lots of folks are interested in making us not die for longer, so it was a real bummer last year when a team of researchers said that the maximum human lifespan has plateaued at around 115 years of age. Some folks might live to be older, but those oldies are outliers. Read More >>

UK’s Rich/Poor Lifespan Gap Grows for First Time in 150 Years

The gap in life expectancy between the richest and the poorest members of society appears to be widening, with an analysis of mortality stats showing that being rich is quite a help when it comes to living for a long time. As the recent 90th birthday of a well-known rich old lady ought to have already signalled. Read More >>