London Fire Brigade Outs the City’s Worst Lifts

Avoid Barking's Earlsdown House if you value your time, as the lift there has been outed as the one Londoner's are most likely to get stuck in. The fire brigade has been called out 22 times to get people out of its jammed mechanisms. Read More >>

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Amazing Video of a Crane Lifting a Car Using Two Phonebooks

You probably knew that it's impossible to pull apart two phonebooks put together with interleaving pages. But did you know that the bond—caused by the mechanical friction of the interleaving pages—is so strong that it can lift an entire car? This video demonstrates exactly that. The best part, however, may be to watch the car fall when they burn the phonebooks. Read More >>

This Awesome Optical Illusion Makes Me Lose My Pants

When it comes to lifts, I can't help but think back to the Die Hard films, especially with John McClane hanging by a thread in an elevator shaft in the first film. Which brings me to a recent stunt by Alton Towers, who's promoting its upcoming Nemesis Sub-Terra ride by scaring the be-jesus out of prospective shoppers at Southside Shopping Centre in Wandsworth. Read More >>