Watch the Biggest Ever Drone Swarm Take to the Sky in Style

Take 100 drones. Strap lights to them and launch them into the air. Control them with a single piece of software and have an orchestra play Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony in the background. Voila: you have a world record and a spectacular light show to boot. Read More >>

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Star Wars-Themed Christmas Light Show is So Excessive and So Amazing

So you know when you strung up three reels of Christmas lights and a flashing reindeer, and thought you'd won decorations for 2014? Forget it. Forget it all. A music teacher from California has lit up his entire property, added a 17-foot guitar, and set the entire thing to a Star Wars mash-up. Read More >>

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Wow, It Looks Like the Military Is Shooting Lasers Now

Is this a picture of a soldier shooting lasers against the night sky? How did they make the beams bend? They twist and turn like bolts from a Tesla coil! Sadly, no. It's just a fantastic picture of a US Marine launching a PL-87 Stinger Missile at a flying drone in a training exercise. It's so gorgeous. Read More >>

The Shard Will Blast London With Massive Lasers Tomorrow Night

There's no doubt the Shard is certainly a striking piece of architecture, towering above the centre of our capital city like a massive crystal column. What better way to open it than with a massive laser and searchlight show that'll blast out across London tomorrow night? Read More >>