Now You Can Easily Sync All Your Philips Hue Lights With Your TV

With the Play HDMI Sync Box Philips Hue users can finally sync all their lights to their TVs. One of the dreams of having smart lights is being able to sync those lights with whatever movie or TV show you’re watching to create a symphony of light and sound. However, for people with Philips Hue smart lights, the main avenue for doing this up until now has been the Hue Sync app, which only worked on PCs or Macs, which meant you often had to do awkward things like connect a laptop to your TV, or have a really long cord running to a nearby desktop to make things work. Read More >>

Panasonic Hid a Security Camera Inside a Lamp That Will Stand Out Like a Sore Thumb

There’s certainly something to be said for cleverly hiding an object in plain sight, but Panasonic’s new incognito wireless security cameras are camouflaged inside a conspicuously tall floor lamp that doesn’t really look like a floor lamp, inevitably leading to visitors taking a closer inspection to figure out what it is, and discovering its secret. Read More >>

Dyson’s £500 Daylight Tracking Light Is the Only Lamp I’ve Ever Had to Reboot

Best known for its vacuums, in recent years Dyson has expanded its lineup with products that have nothing to do with cleaning. The Lightcycle smart lamp ventures furthest from the company’s typical products. It’s a masterpiece of engineering, but in true Dyson fashion still comes with a staggering £500 price tag. Read More >>

Dyson’s Daylight Tracking Lamp Matches the Light Outside So You Don’t Feel Like Such a Shut-In

We’ve spent decades bathed in the glow of artificial light, but it’s only recently that we’ve started to realise our bodies are naturally tuned to the sun, and exposure to the fake stuff can throw off sleep schedules and even damage our eyes. Dyson, which has re-engineered everything from vacuums to hair dryers, is introducing a new lamp that takes advantage of LED technology to mimic the tone and intensity of natural light to fool your body into thinking you spend more time outside than you do. Read More >>

Your External Hard Drive Can Finally Join Your Computer’s Trippy Light Show

If you’re someone who can’t work, play, or kill time online without your desktop PC blinding you with a spectacle of flashing LEDs, ASUS will now let your external hard drive join the desktop rave. The company’s new FX HDD drive includes its own set of LEDs, illuminating a circuit trace pattern that will sync to the glowing patterns flashing across all of your other devices. Read More >>

You Can Rearrange the Letters and Spell Out Any Message On This Scrabble Tile Rack Lamp

The most effective way to tell your co-workers you don’t want to be bothered is to close your office door. But if you’re stuck in cubicle purgatory, that’s not an option. Instead, try this Scrabble tile rack desk lamp that lets you spell out seven-letter warnings like ‘GO AWAY’, ‘NOT NOW’, or other, blunter messages if your office lets you get away with it. Read More >>

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I’m Completely Captivated by the Clever Tricks Used to Build a Disco Ball Inside a Lightbulb

Any room with a disco ball hanging from the ceiling is a non-stop party, and now any space can easily get a dance floor upgrade with this fun DIY project that shows you how to build a disco ball—using some brilliantly clever building techniques—inside a standard-sized lightbulb. Read More >>

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There’s a New Way to Get Smart Lights: Replace Your Switches, Not Your Bulbs

Smart homes have finally improved enough that having a home that responds to your every wish and command is almost within reach. The problem, is that unless you are a Hollywood movie star or the offspring of an oil baron, retooling your house to smarten it up is too expensive to do all once, which means you’re going to need to tackle things piece by piece. And out of all the intelligent improvements you could make, smart lighting is probably one of the best upgrades you can make. Read More >>

Big Ben’s Loftiest Light is Getting Switched Off

It's been some week for Westminster's Great Bell. First, loads of people lost their shit when it was announced the gigantic timekeeper is to be silenced for four years. The clock-watching bad news didn't end there, either. Now it's been confirmed Big Ben's Ayrton Light is getting turned off. Oh the humanity! Read More >>

Fancy Multi-Purpose Wi-Fi Streetlight Installed at Franchise FC Stadium

A company called Schréder claims to have installed Britain’s first Wi-Fi streetlight today, positioning the Shuffle light outside the stadium of a sports organisation I’ll only refer to as Franchise FC. It’s based in Milton Keynes. Read More >>

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These Motion-Activated Christmas Lights Become Intensely Bright to Scare Off Intruders

‘Tis the season for Christmas parties, leaving many homes empty and prime targets for burglars while revelers are away visiting family and friends. But there’s nothing to worry about if you’ve decorated your home with these festive, motion-activated Christmas lights that crank to 12,000 lumens of brightness to scare off intruders. Read More >>

A Torch That Can Start Fires and Cook Dinner is the Best Camping Accessory

Wicked Lasers is known for its handheld lasers and torches that redefine what it means to be bright. A few years ago it released a flashlight that was intense enough to start a fire, and now the company has managed to dramatically shrink its design so you can easily bring it the next time you go camping and leave the matches at home. Read More >>

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Spectacular Halloween Light Show Will Make You Glad You’re Not This Guy’s Neighbour

If you head on over to Deercreek Drive in Riverside, California, and find the house near Orange Terrace Park, you’ll be treated to what has become one of the best Halloween traditions anywhere in the country. There you’ll find one of the most spectacular Halloween light shows imaginable—making you thankful you’re not one of this guy’s neighbours. Read More >>

The Solar System Is Always Visible at Night With These Planetary String Lights

A stellar view of the night sky, including all of our celestial neighbours, is dependent on countless factors like light pollution, the weather, and even the time of year. But you can guarantee that all of the planets in our solar system are visible when you go stargazing with this planetary string light set created by ThinkGeek. Read More >>

Philips New LED Bulbs Change Colour With the Flip of a Switch

The Philips Hue system is one of the few smart home solutions that work as well as you need them to, having been around for quite a few years now. But if you don’t want to spend hundreds of pounds on the requisite wireless hub and colour-changing bulbs, Philips now has a cheaper alternative with its new SceneSwitch LED bulbs that don’t require any additional hardware. Read More >>