Fake Lightning Cables That Can Hijack Connected Devices Are Heading for Mass Production

Dummy Lightning cables that allow an attacker to gain remote control of computers they’re plugged into are slated to hit mass production, per a Wednesday report in Motherboard. Read More >>

Apple’s Lightning Digital AV Adapter Hides a Tiny Computer

Apple's Lightning Digital AV Adapter is 40 quid. That's expensive. Apple's Lightning Digital AV Adapter hooks up your iOS device's Lightning port to HDMI. But it lags and gives artefacts. Apple's Lightning Digital AV adapter actually hides a tiny computer inside in the cable...wait what? Yes. Read More >>

Yep, Chinese Lightning Connector Knock-Offs Work Just Fine

Now that Apple's shoved some security chips in its iDevice Lightning connectors it can pretty much charge what it likes for cables and accessories. Thankfully, nothing stops Chinese ingenuity. And yes, £3 Chinese knock-offs work just fine, so Apple can go stuff it's £15 Lightning cable. Read More >>