One Universal Phone Charger to Rule Them all by 2017?

"For everything there is a season, for every phone its own separate charger," to...paraphrase Ecclesiastes 3:1. But, Apple's Lightning connector be-damned, that could all change in the coming years, as Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) voted in favour of a universal phone charger standard this week. Read More >>

Apple’s Being a Massive Dick, Again

Surprise! Apple's being a massive dick again. It's crushed a really great, universal charging idea, which was gaining serious steam on Kickstarter, because it won't allow the Lightning adapter to be used in a device with multiple charging options. Thanks Apple, some of us still have older Apple devices you know, oh, and the odd microUSB-charged thing too. Sometimes, you're a right nob. Read More >>

China Finally Cracks Apple’s Secret iPhone 5 Cable: Here Come the Cheap Clones

Apple doesn't want you buying cables for your iPhone 5 (or new iPads) from anyone other than Apple, because it charges a fat £15 for each one. Luckily, we can now confirm a flood of cheap knockoff cables are real. Read More >>

First Look at What’s Inside Apple’s New Dock Adapter: It’s Impossible to Tinker With

I just got my dock adapter in the mail. So naturally, I want to destroy this one. The dock adapter has a plastic shell on it that is glued tight. You can't cleanly get it off without a dremel, as the glue is not hot glue, as far as I can tell. Read More >>