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Lightsabers From Star Wars Still Aren’t Real, But This Guy Made a Protosaber, Kind Of

In the old Star Wars expanded universe, lightsabers weren’t the first laser-sword weapons wielded by Jedi and the Sith. No, that honour went to the protosaber, the hilariously clunky version of the lightsaber that, instead of using an internal power cell, had an external wearable power supply. Like a wearable vacuum cleaner, but for cutting things with lasers. It’s a silly, wonderful idea. Read More >>

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The Lightsabers of Star Wars, Ranked

When you think of Star Wars, you think of lightsabers. Sure, you think of spaceships and the Force and stuff like that too but, in terms of iconic visuals, few things in science fiction at large, let alone Star Wars, are as iconic as the lightsaber. Read More >>

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This Fan Film Introduces The Star Wars Universe’s Only Artisanal Lightsaber Maker

Traditionally, a Jedi makes his own lightsaber. But sometimes, they need a special touch. Or they’re a Sith, and they don’t have the patience to build a complicated laser handle with proper safety features. Read More >>

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How to Perfectly Fake a Glowing Lightsaber in Photoshop

It’s time to face the facts: lightsabers aren’t real, and they’re simply not going to exist in your lifetime. The closest you can get to realising your Jedi fantasies is through this excellent tutorial by Mathieu Stern showing you how to properly fake a lightsaber using Photoshop. Read More >>

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This Incredibly Detailed Lightsaber Is the Best Reason to Own a 3D Printer

3D printers can make lots of cool things, but lightsabers might be the coolest. If you need proof, I submit Tested’s video as evidence. Read More >>

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Watch a Real-Life Jedi Deflect Fireworks With a Lightsaber

Wizards and Jedis are two of the highest-ranking imaginary characters known to man. But between the two, who’s the most powerful? The Madcap Brothers tried to answer that question by pitting a lightsaber-wielding amateur Jedi against a fireworks-blasting pretend wizard. Read More >>

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Watch These Dudes Deflect Roman Candle Firework Blasts with a Lightsaber

The biggest regret of my life right now is not being as smart as these two geniuses, who battled out Roman candle fireworks with lightsaber. I'd definitely miss more blasts than I would hit, and possibly go up in flames, but the feeling of shielding yourself with your lightsaber is so awesome that it’s well worth the idiocy of admission. [Dallyoshaffer via Digg] Read More >>

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Lucasfilm and Disney are Now Selling Their Own Flawless Star Wars Props

When spending lots of money on a prop lightsaber, you want to be absolutely sure you’re buying as accurate a replica as possible. So instead of licensing designs and schematics to third-party companies, Disney and Lucasfilm have launched its own line of prop replicas that promise to be the most accurate ever created. Read More >>

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Has it Really Taken This Long For Lightsaber Pool Noodles to Exist?

You’re supposed to use them for lazily floating around a pool on a hot summer’s day, but in no time at all those long foam noodles quickly become swords. You can safely swing around like a samurai, ninja, and now a Jedi, thanks to Swim Ways. Read More >>

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The Brutal Amputations in Star Wars Done by Lightsabers

Lightsabers are dangerous as hell. If I had access to one in this here real life, I’d be legless, armless, headless, and torsoless in less than five minutes. Not even kidding. Even people who know how to use lightsabers get their body parts laser chopped off. Check out this compilation of all the amputations in Star Wars from Pablo Fernandez Eyre, many done by lightsabers. Read More >>

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Guy Builds Gigantic Glowing Lightsabers For the Best Christmas Display Ever

When it comes to home made lightsabers — a popular pastime for Star Wars fans — a certain Bob Clagett doesn’t mess around. He was recently hired to build a pair for a client’s Crimbo display, and the gigantic results put any Christmas tree, gingerbread house, or nativity scene to shame. Read More >>

There Are Finally Battle-Safe Foam Lightsabers That Actually Glow

In the world of Star Wars make-believe you usually have two choices: you can go with a realistic plastic glowing lightsaber, and never actually make contact with your opponent, or opt for safer foam, and battle it out without the glow. A new Kickstarter, however, promises the the best of both worlds. Read More >>