This Browser Extension Takes All The Numbers Out Of Facebook

We've been told time and again that social media impacts our happiness, that chasing likes and shares makes us less liked and less willing to share. But what can we realistically do about it? The usual advice, dispensed by a guy with slightly-too-wide-eyeballs in tones of desperation, is to "just delete Facebook" like he did, because he totally never looked back and definitely still gets invited to things. It's just that there have been no things lately. Probably. He doesn't have Facebook so he can't be sure. Read More >>

The 12 Most Disliked Videos in YouTube History

YouTube's thumbs-based liking system has two uses. It lets you save things you like to a playlist, so you can seamlessly whizz from Utah Saints to Morrissey on your Chromecast in order to keep the party rocking and the guests amazed at the sheer depth of songs you remember from a brief period of the 1990s. Read More >>

Facebook Has Banned Likes-for-Content

Yesterday, Facebook tweaked its Platform Policies, and while some of the changes are subtle, there's one which is very welcome: from now, the concept of offering access to apps or content in return for Likes is banned. Read More >>

Social Media Sharing May be Taking Money Away From Charities

The trend for clicking "like" underneath things may be having an impact on the money raised by charities, with one report suggesting people who think they're helping by liking and sharing appeals might not bother actually handing over any loose change the next time a tin's rattled their way. Read More >>

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Facebook Liking the Idea of BlackBerry Buyout?

Mega-rich social network Facebook has emerged as the latest in the long line of successful tech giants having a think about buying Blackberry, with sources claiming Zuckerberg's baby photo portal might be lining up a bid for the hardware maker. Read More >>

It’s Easy to Seem Popular When a Virus Gives You Instagram Followers

There are always those greedy people who would wish for more wishes from a genie. They're what's wrong with this whole internet fairy tale. And now they're using malware developed for pilfering credit card numbers to give out likes and followers on Instagram. For a price, of course. Read More >>

These Heartbreaking Ads Show How Useless Facebook Likes Can Be

We toss around likes as if they were high fives on the Internet. As affirmation of people doing the right thing. As oh hey look cool. As being silly and ironic. As the digital form of support. As a hug. As a fist bump. But what do those thumbs up actually do? Boosts someone's ego? Spreads your online seed? In reality, nothing. Read More >>

Your Facebook Like Is Worth £112.46

Are you generous with your Facebook Likes? Do you click that thumbs up button for anything that even just slightly amuses you? Maybe you should start charging for liking things. According to a study, your Likes of a brand on Facebook are worth about £112.46 to that brand. Read More >>

How Are Dead People Liking Stuff on Facebook?

Have you noticed your friends liking stuff on Facebook that you know they don't like? Yes? No? Well, have you seen some people like stuff on Facebook even though they're... dead? It's happening. And it's because of a weird underworld of fake Facebook Likes. Read More >>

Using Facebook Without Numbers Is Like Growing Up Without Peer Pressure

You might not think of it at first but Facebook actually has a tonne of numbers to it. Notifications, likes, friends, mutual friends, comments and so on and so on. There's always some number hovering over you, influencing you so what if you used Facebook... without numbers? Read More >>

Facebook’s Sharing Your “Like” Actions With the Money Men

Facebook is playing fast and loose with our personal opinions nowadays, apparently sharing our "like" data with certain advertisers so they can more accurately gauge if you'd rather see adverts for sweets or mature dating when browsing the site. Read More >>

Facebook Is Reading Your Messages and Liking Things For You

You might think clicking "Like" is the only way to stamp that public FB affirmation on something—you're wrong. Facebook is checking your private messages and automatically liking things you talk about. Without asking you. Read More >>

What Facebook Deals with Everyday: 2.7 Billion Likes, 300 Million Photos Uploaded and 500 Terabytes of Data

If you were ever curious to how many photos get uploaded to Facebook everyday or how many likes happen across the entire social network or the sheer size of data booking the face is responsible for, look no further. Facebook gave a state of the union (of sorts) that detailed just how big Facebook data is. Read More >>

Cage-Fighting Nuns and Tanks Are the Secret to Facebook Likes

There’s a heck of a lot of social media crap out there, especially from so-called "strategists" and “experts”. But the secret to getting more likes on Facebook is simple; just write an epic love story containing cage-fighting nuns and tanks, of course. Read More >>