Human Foetuses Develop Lizard-Like Body Parts That Disappear Before Birth

New research this week seems to show that human foetuses develop several muscles in their legs and arms that disappear by the time they’re born. And some of these muscles were last seen in our adult ancestors over 250 million years ago. Read More >>

This Bionic Finger Restores Amputees’ Sense of Touch

A prototype bionic fingertip that allows the wearer to feel texture has been demonstrated by researchers, giving hope to the victims of amputation that robots may one day be of some actual use and not just the willing sexual playthings of the super-rich. Read More >>

VR Confidence Boost Helps Stroke Victims Use Weakened Limbs

The virtual reality industry may end up doing more than serving porn and video games to you losers for 20 hours a day, with researchers suggesting that it can be used positively to trick the brain into regaining full use of damaged limbs. Read More >>

Scientists Grow Fully Working Rat Arm in the Lab

Scientists have some great news for anyone who's pet rodent has lost a limb, revealing an entirely lab-grown rat arm ready for stitching on to any rats who may have been harmed in industrial accidents. Read More >>

Bizarre Accident Near-Miss as Pilot’s Artificial Arm Came off During Landing

The pilot of a Flybe flight from Birmingham to Belfast City Airport managed to get himself in a bit of a mess, when his artificial arm somehow came off during a landing back in February. Read More >>

Roboleg Exoskeleton Gives Blast Victim Soldiers the Ability to Fight Again

There was a time when a war wound to the leg meant the best you could hope for was a stiff drink and a piece of rope to bite down on while a surgeon sawed through your bloodied limb. But today's advancements in exoskeleton technology means we can not only save the damaged leg, but make it work again too. Read More >>

Modern-Day Bionic Man Costs About £640,000

Scientists working for forthcoming Channel 4 TV show How to Build a Bionic Man assembled the most cutting-edge prosthetic limbs available today, creating an incredibly versatile robot person for around $1m. Read More >>

Amazing Dude Climbs 103 Floors on a Brain-Powered Bionic Leg

When Zac Vawter lost his right leg in a motorbike accident, he thought he'd never walk properly again. Now, he's managed to use a bionic limb, hardwired into his nervous system, to climb 103 flights of stairs in the annual SkyRise Chicago skyscraper climbing contest. Read More >>