BT Chops Line Rental Fees for the Internetless

BT's bizarre old line rental scam is about to get a little bit fairer for some as, under pressure from communications regulator Ofcom, it's agreed to drastically reduce the cost of line rental for a sizeable chunk of its customer base. Read More >>

EE Set to Bump Up Call and Line Rental Prices in New Year

The cost of line rental for EE home phone and broadband customers is set to rise in the New Year by an average of £1.50 per month (or £18 per year). Read More >>

TalkTalk Scraps Separate Line Rental Charges

TalkTalk is ringing in the changes, this morning announcing its aim to ‘return to its challenger roots’. The company says it wants to focus on transparency -- the kind that helps customers, not hackers -- and reward loyalty. Read More >>

BT Broadband, Landline and TV Prices Are Going up in July

In a late attempt to ruin summer for all of its customers, BT has announced price hikes across the board, which will come into effect on July 3rd. You might want to check out the price changes before, you know, booking any trips abroad or spending anything really. Read More >>