Don’t Giggle at Some of the Unusual Ways Giraffes Can Die

It turns out a creature with a long neck and no hands can perish in hilarious ways, as shown in this enlightening short piece on unusual giraffe deaths. Read More >>

How Broken Hyperlinks are Screwing Up Science

For most of us, a hyperlink 404ing is a problem fixable with a quick visit to the Wayback Machine (or maybe just taking a walk away from the computer and reflecting on the importance of cat GIFs). But for academics, broken links present a major problem. Read More >>

Google Docs Auto-Search Just Made Linking Easier Than Ever

Google Docs (and Slides) just got an awesome, but subtle new trick. Now, every time you go to hyperlink a word, Google search results will automatically appear below your link box. Never open another tab to search for a Wikipedia page again. Read More >>

How Do You Share Links Between Devices?

Half of the fun of using the Internet is finding weird and stupid things to share with your friends, but there are a whole bunch of ways to go about it. It gets even weirder when you're in the same room with them and have to start passing around devices or start Facebooking each other from three feet away. Read More >>

An iPhone, a Pawn Shop Tripod and a Beer Tray Helped Make the BBC’s First Live Smartphone Video Interview

Apple has picked up a very nice PR win today to help offset the kidney-kicking it's had over the last fortnight, thanks to the BBC using an iPhone to broadcast a live video report from flood-struck Stockton. Read More >>

Google Purges 1.2 Million Links a Month from Its Searches

Google just released a report today showing just how many links the search giant rips down from its searches a month because of copyright complaints and it's a doozy: 1.2 million a month. That comes from over a 1,000 copyright owners who've targeted 25,000 web sites. Read More >>

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How to Never Get Tricked By a Shortened Link Ever Again

You might have some hilarious friends who still think rickrolling someone is funny or know people who toss around NSFW links while you're at work. You can't help yourself: you click, you shriek, you close immediately. You fall for it. Every. Single Time. Here's a tip on how to prevent yourself from falling for shortened link pranks. Read More >>

Oh My God Just Shut Up and Click on the Link I Sent You

You're about to send someone a link. Good! You put a lot of thought into it, and you're genuinely excited to share it and see the reaction. Let's just hope your friend doesn't do the most annoying possible internet thing. Read More >>

There’s One Very Important Time You Should Always Lie Online

Using the internet is only worthwhile if you can show off the perverse and wonderful things you've found on it. So, now that we're always online and always in touch, we're constantly sharing links. But what if you've seen it already? Lie. Read More >>