Staffordshire Lion Tamer Banned From Publicly Taming His Lions

Thomas Chipperfield, a man with a famous old name who's the UK's last surviving lion tamer, has effectively been banned from practising his arts in England. Read More >>

Heartwarming Photos Show a Lion Nursing an Orphaned Leopard Cub

Earlier this week, a remarkable scene played out at Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Conservation Area. An orphaned leopard cub, desperate for a meal, approached a lioness who happened to be lactating. It’s a rare—and extremely precious—example of cross-species nursing in the wild. Read More >>

Why Did These Lions Eat So Many People?

In 1898, a pair of lions feasted on the most fearsome of predators: humans. Some think they could have killed 135 people constructing a railroad bridge over the Tsavo River in Kenya, though research lowered that number down to 35 human lunches between the pair. Read More >>

The Circle of Life Was Inside This Baby the Whole Time

As the new Planet Earth series has us remembering, nature is awe-inspiring, and unparalleled in its complexity, diversity, or cruelty. Observing the eternal arms race of species competing to claim a limited number of resources as it plays out through specialized biology over the course of millennia is humbling stuff. Read More >>

Newly Discovered “Mini Marsupial Lion” Named After David Attenborough

Australian scientists have named a newly discovered species of tiny marsupial lion after Sir David Attenborough. Read More >>

This Video Shows Why You Shouldn’t Turn Your Back on a Big Cat

We’ve all seen the videos of people who keep tigers or panthers as pets in their homes, or of these animals playing, and it’s easy to forget that these large animals are some of the most deadly predators out there. Read More >>

Remember Poor Cecil the Lion With a Gaudy Gold-Plated HTC One M9

A company that gold-plates things for the benefit of those not crippled by austerity has come up with a novel way of celebrating the life of internet celebrity and lion Cecil the Lion -- engraving his likeness on the back of a gold HTC One M9. Read More >>

This Custom Poop-Chute Dispenses Droppings for Lions to Play With

There's a lion in the San Francisco Zoo that absolutely adores rhino dung: loves smelling it; loves rolling in it. A team of Stanford students found this out during a design-build course, and you know what they did? Those undergrads developed a custom three-pronged poop-chute for the lion lair. Read More >>

Lion Toys and Full Size Costumes Are Your Scaring-the-Hell-Out-of-Essex Deals of the Day

If you've been in or around Essex over the weekend, you've probably been sleeping with one eye open and all the furniture jammed up against the doors and windows. After all, there was a lion on the loose. Or was there? Read More >>

Lion riding shotgun
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Why Yes, That Is a Lion Riding a Sidecar

You've got to love the '30s in America — a time when when men were men, the economy was only slightly worse off than it is now, and ladies raced about Velodromes with lions for co-pilots. [British Pathe via BoingBoing] Read More >>