The Most Cringeworthy Liquid Nitrogen Destruction Video You’ll Ever See

We’ve seen everything from jelly to raw eggs get completely destroyed after being frozen with liquid nitrogen. But nothing comes close to being as cringeworthy to watch as Brent Rose takes a baseball bat to a 15-inch silicone dildo turned into a frozen rock. Despite some interesting science at work here, some of you might want to look away. [YouTube] Read More >>

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Can Liquid Nitrogen Put Out an On-Fire Swimming Pool?

Teenage rebellion takes many forms. Some of us get dumb haircuts or listen to some truly terrible music. But for the amateur scientist, breaking your mother’s heart* involves diethyl ether and the family pool. Read More >>

Something Amazing Happens When You Chill Sugar Cubes in Liquid Nitrgoen

It's not something most people would stumble across. But Mikhail Svarichevsky has found that sugarcubes glow bright green in UV light when they've been dunked in liquid nitrogen. Read More >>

The Futuristic Liquid Nitrogen Machine That Makes Ice Cream to Order

Despite the warm wood and cheery red accents, Smitten Ice Cream can feel a bit like a mad scientist's shop. There's the industrial-sized tank of liquid nitrogen that greets you inside the entrance of its new flagship location in Oakland. And there's the billowing clouds of nitrogen when the stainless steel ice cream machines churn out personalised scoops to order. Read More >>

This Leech Can Survive For 24 Hours in Liquid Nitrogen

You're looking at Ozobranchus jantseanus, a little leech found in East Asia. It doesn't look much, but it has a very special skill indeed: it can survive for up to 24 hours immersed in liquid nitrogen. Read More >>

10 Reasons to Wish You Had an Endless Supply of Liquid Nitrogen

In a perfect world, all taps have three knobs: hot, cold, and liquid nitrogen. We're not there (yet!) but these ten little party tricks from The King of Random are the perfect reason to wish we were. Read More >>

This Is Why You Shouldn’t Mess With Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen is an invaluable tool for scientists, and can make for some pretty awesome experiments, but introducing it into a pool party? What the hell where they thinking? As you can see from the video, it got ugly pretty damn quickly. Read More >>

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Watch Flowers Dipped in Liquid Nitrogen Get Smashed in Slow Motion

If you're a human, you've probably always been fascinated with liquid nitrogen. The freezing temperature. The sweet smoking effect. Hell, even the container that held liquid nitrogen was cool. And if you combine liquid nitrogen with slow motion, things get even better. Watch flowers and fruit get dipped into liquid nitrogen and then smashed into smithereens in slow motion. It's like seeing breaking glass explode. [Distort via Test Tube] Read More >>

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Freeze Your Target In Its Tracks With a Liquid Nitrogen Gun

Wired had a chance to play with what looks like one of the most entertaining but dangerous-looking contraptions you can easily get your hands on. Designed for use by responsible professionals like doctors, researchers, and even avant-garde chefs, the Brymill Cry-Ac 3 is capable of firing a blast of liquid nitrogen that instantly freezes its target to 196 degrees below zero. Cue a mad scientist-esque laugh. Read More >>

Girl Had Stomach Removed After Drinking Liquid Nitrogen Cocktail

This comes straight out of the annals of "who the hell thought that was a good idea?!" One poor 18-year-old girl is seriously ill in hospital, having undergone life-saving surgery to remove her stomach, which was totally destroyed by drinking a freezing Jaegermeister cocktail laced with deadly liquid nitrogen. Read More >>

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Watch What Happens When You Combine a Liquid Nitrogen Bomb and 1500 Ping Pong Balls

There aren't many cooler, yet legitimately-useful-to-science substances than liquid nitrogen. It's an instant ice cream maker's friend too, but did you know it makes for a really awesome bomb? Who said scientists don't know how to have fun? Read More >>