Early Predictions of the Internet Date Back to 19th Century SciFi

Science fiction writers are professional future-dreamers, imagining worlds far beyond their own. With technology advancing at astronomical rates, real life feels more and more like sci-fi every day (for better or worse). So it’s fun to look back at those writers who, decades and even centuries ago, imagined what life would be like now – and some of their predictions were surprisingly accurate. Read More >>

Lovely Old Janet Ellis Caught Being Rude in 2016’s Bad Sex Literature Awards

Janet Ellis, the lovely mumsy one from Blue Peter that older readers may have had a thing for once upon a time, is the star of the 2016 Bad Sex in Fiction awards, thanks to writing a few paragraphs about doing it that compare men's backs to ploughed fields and sex to being like a sack of porridge oats falling over. Read More >>

British Library Sticks 1,200 Musty Classics Online

The British Library has digitised 1,200 of the country's "greatest literary treasures" and stuck them online, in a Victorian rarities archive that includes weird stuff like criminal slang from the early 1800s and notebooks written by the Brontë sisters as children. Read More >>

Was This the World’s First Emoticon?

The emoticon might be older than we thought. This passage of text, which includes a cheeky smiley, is taken from Robert Herrick's 1648 poem To Fortune—and it might be the first ever use of an emoticon. Read More >>

A Half-Price Waterstones Book Voucher is Your “Read it and Weep” Deal of the Day

Are you a master of the art of putting books on a shelf and never reading them? Neatly arranged there because John Waters advised people not to hump you if you didn't have any, I presume? If you like looking smart, then we've found the offer just for you. Read More >>

Here are the Real-World Places Behind Hollywood’s Sci-Fi Dystopias

If you ever find yourself touring around California, you could be forgiven for thinking that you're actually a minor role in a film, since the state has been turned into a backdrop for countless science fiction films presenting futures both terrible and wondrous. It's not just that so many are filmed here—writers and filmmakers have been exploring the future through California sets for decades. Read More >>

Take This Simple Test to Figure Out How Quickly You Read

Growing up reading Harry Potter, I was always amazed that when a new installment was released, news always broke that someone out there had completed the book in a few hours. Are you a speedy reader? Find out with this interactive test. Read More >>

Read These Three Unpublished JD Salinger Stories That Just Leaked Online

After showing up on an eBay auction, this trio of hitherto unpublished JD Salinger stories—The Ocean Full of Bowling Balls, Birthday Boy and Paula—have just been leaked online and uploaded as a PDF. It seems to have been scanned from an unauthorised book called, aptly enough, Three Stories. Get reading! Read More >>

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“A Rather Unusual Way to Write Books”: The First Literary Work Produced With a Word Processor

An Associate Professor of English at the University of Maryland has identified the first literary work to be written with a word processor, instead of a typewriter. The book is Bomber, by Len Deighton, a World War II thriller published to critical acclaim in 1970. What follows is a magnificent tale which sees several fellow authors' names being put forward for this accolade, before Deighton himself was fingered. Read More >>

Watch an Author Write a Novel Live on Google Docs

Fantasy author Silvia Hartmann is doing something rather brave: just this morning she started writing her new novel on Google Docs, and is letting the world watch over her shoulder. Read More >>

Turn Classic Literature Into an iPhone Charging Dock

Etsy member inbook has developed a decorative charging stand that merges two of our favorite things -- our iPhone and classic literature. Read More >>